The truth in the information below is so dead on! We’re putting foreigners before Americans by brining in over 1 million every year! Did you know that we have a diversity lottery every year where we allow 50 thousand people to come to the US for no other reason than diversity. We CANNOT keep doing this! Something has to give in our government’s effort to flood us with third worlders…Here’s the story of just one city in America that’s the result of mass migration:

Anticipating strong population growth, Seattle’s urban planners long ago built an impressive 5-lane highway through the city, a 2-lane by-way for the east side and a 3-lane freeway on the west side. Seattle’s infrastructure was built to host a growing economic hub and it was built to last. So how is it Seattle today has the worst traffic in America?

Infrastructure spending has doubled since the 1990s, yet every election focuses on an infrastructure crisis.

In Seattle, many point to new employees of Microsoft and Amazon. Sure, those have an effect. But the real problem is immigration. 14% of Washington is foreign born. How can we ever expect to build sustainable and safe infrastructure when we allow a million people each year to move here?

Liberals love infrastructure spending. They believe it stimulates the economy through spending and expands overall economic output, like a well-greased machine. In 2009, President Obama was given $900 billion to rebuild America’s infrastructure for the 21st century. Yet, 7 years later, here we are again with Democrats calling for trillion dollar infrastructure packages as if it will once and for all fix our crumbling, overcrowded infrastructure.

Liberals long for a distant past of mass immigration leading to economic greatness. They treat America as if it is still a vast, unpopulated frontier where the only infrastructure needed by horse-driven wagon trains is a decent map.

A key pillar in Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure plan is “Lower transportation costs and unlock economic opportunity by expanding public transit option. Hillary will encourage local governments to work with low-income communities to ensure unemployed and underemployed Americans are connected to good job.” A fine objective. We should provide mass transit options to low income areas, but how can we ever have a satisfactory metro system when low income areas are multiplying in population and area because we invite millions of unemployed, uneducated immigrants? This is yet another example of taking care of foreigners before Americans.

Fearing accusations of racism, nobody wants to admit that foreigners are not good drivers. They come from places where traffic laws are ignored, and they bring that culture with them. Native Seattleites are good, safe drivers who don’t break 5 miles over the speed limit and are far too passive aggressive to honk. This isn’t a genetic or race issue, it’s a cultural issue and the culture almost everywhere outside America is indifferent to extremely aggressive, stupid driving. Just watch the daily Russia’s Funniest Dashcam Videos capturing vodka-fueled Fast & Furious driving stunts in heavy traffic.

Infrastructure is more than just roads. Think of all the waterways, electrical grids, and internet fibers laid just to keep pace with immigration. That’s billions of dollars that could have been spent upgrading existing systems and preventing tragedies like the Flint, Michigan leaded water.

Unchecked immigration has skyrocketed water prices, utilities companies can barely maintain consistent service, and there is a housing shortage crisis. And Seattle liberals are completely dumbfounded by these problems. The mayor regularly holds press conferences and the city council organizes investigative committees, but never do they admit the problem is out of control immigration and Seattle’s sanctuary city policy.

Seattle suburbs once had a great style to them. Houses were unique and in harmony with the very green Seattle geography. Now, all of Seattle is being overrun by soulless, cubist condominium buildings to maximize the use of our extremely limited real estate. Building your own house with a fence and a lawn is no longer part of the American dream in Seattle.

Schools also suffer. Seattle has a less than 2 child per couple birthrate, yet our schools are stuffed to the gills with children. Decades ago, Seattle built an excellent system of schools. Tax payers built a system for their children, and now they’re being ordered to build a bigger system for the children of Indonesia and Cambodia. Rather than evolving teaching systems, our education energy is spent figuring out how to teach in a school where students speak 18 languages and are offended by the American flag. Teachers are no longer employed for their deep knowledge of pedagogy, but by whether she speaks Spanish or Swahili.

Our parks have been completely taken over by immigrants. The ballfield where I learned to field grounders is controlled every day by soccer-playing Somalis. People afraid to schedule their games or practices there because there is always confrontation with people from the country that dragged through the streets of Mogadishu the dead naked bodies of our special forces soldiers trying to give them food.

Liberals claim how great immigrants are because they pay taxes. Great, thanks for helping to pay for new infrastructure we need because you came here in waves demanding we upgrade so your daily commute to the Home Depot parking lot isn’t slowed down.

Sure, some immigrants do pay taxes to help partially cover the cost of new schools need to educate their illiterate children, the roads and buses to shuttle them to and fro, and the anti-gang police task forces needed to monitor their older brothers in ethnic gangs. To liberals, the population of America exists to serve the government rather than our society existing on its own with government to help out here and there, so immigration is inherently good.

The choice for America is either mass immigration or a sustainable, healthy infrastructure, not both.

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