Far-Left Michigan Governor, Gretchen Whitmer has been featured many times on this site.  Yet, she has never seemed to be associated with anything good about this world.  She has devastated the economy and society of her state.  Michigan has a massive Covid nursing home scandal, akin to Cuomo’s in New York, and has crushed businesses with totalitarian unscientific rules to regulate small businesses into permanent failure.  Now that the initial stages of this government grift are complete, it appears that the payoffs and coverups may have begun.

For her unconstitutional actions as governor during the government-induced Covid hysteria of 2020, Michigan repealed Whitmer’s emergency authority.  Instead of adhering to this ruling, Whitmer simply unconstitutionally went around it by abusing the office of Health and Human Services to implement the same unconstitutional measures to continue devastating her state.

According to (R) Senator Jim Runstead, Michigan is one of five states that required that Covid patients have to be put into nursing homes with the non-infected population.  Anyone who looks at this would say that is a crazy proposition.” Anyone with any critical thinking and common sense knows that lawmakers should have, instead, set up field hospitals.  Whitmer also shut down business and forced unscientific mask mandates as well as numerous other unconstitutional mandates.

With the alleged 2020 election corruption ignored and Biden fully installed as president, it seems that craven Michigan lawmakers may finally be willing to address Whitmer’s alleged corruption and incompetence with respect to her Covid response via a lawsuit.

And since that lawsuit was announced, it appears that dominos may be falling:


FoxNews Reports:

“Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s health department director is set to receive a $155,506 payout after his sudden resignation in January, and his departure still has not been explained, The Detroit News first reported on Monday.

Former Michigan state health department director Robert Gordon also signed a confidentiality agreement “in the interest of protecting deliberations among government officials,” according to the deal obtained via an open-records request by The Detroit News.”

Based on this report, an investigation is expected to be announced as early as today and many prominent republicans in Michigan are making it an issue:

“We’re still investigating the things the Whitmer Administration has done during COVID in plain sight, when we find out about a secret payoff behind closed doors,” state Rep. Steve Johnson, chair of the Michigan House Oversight Committee, told Fox News in a statement. “While it doesn’t surprise me, the deception is shocking and shows how badly this Administration needs oversight so they can be held to account.”

“Mr. Robert Gordon was the state’s health director and played an instrumental role in the state’s COVID-19 response,” Ted Goodman, spokesman for the Michigan GOP, told Fox News in a statement. “Michigan taxpayers deserve to know the circumstances surrounding the resignation of Mr. Gordon in the middle of a public health crisis. Why is Gov. Whitmer refusing to explain this secret deal?”

But, if this massive $155,606 payout seems unsettling to you, it is because it is unsettling.  It is an unprecedented monetary balloon payment for a government official who is choosing to leave his post–especially amid such a massive controversy.  And other officials are taking notice:

Dennis Muchmore, former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder’s ex-aide, told The Detroit News he could not remember a separation from that administration that had “cash involved.”

Is this a payoff?  Hush money? What is going on here?

“Sometimes, we would give them a couple of weeks of vacation at the end, but most all of the ones I can remember always had time coming to them,” Muchmore told The Detroit News. “I don’t know of any cash involved.”

Whitmer previously dodged a question about whether she was behind Gordon’s departure.

“To lead this department in unimaginable circumstances, it has been grueling,” Whitmer said at a Jan. 25 according to The Detroit News. “On behalf of all of the people of Michigan, I want to thank him for his service to our state. He worked hard to protect our public health.”

The Detroit News’ report comes as Republican state legislators in Michigan have Whitmer in their sights. They recently called for an investigation into the governor’s handling of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities during the coronavirus pandemic.”

What do you think, readers: Does this seem like a pay-off and coverup to you?

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