Thousands of Pro-Palestinian protestors descended upon the capitol to protest the Israel/Hamas war that has left countless dead on both sides.

However, these protestors are advocating for the terrorists.

They are calling for the death of Israel and writing antisemitic graffiti all over our nation’s capital.

Fox News shares more on the story:

A building in Washington D.C. was vandalized with graffiti messages reading, “Death to Israel” and “Glory 2 the Martyrs,” among other antisemitic messages, the Israeli embassy to the United States reported.

“In our backyard: “Death to Israel” and “Glory to our Martyrs,” among other violent antisemitic graffiti spotted in Washington DC. #WhereIsTheOutrage,” the embassy said in an X post Saturday.

The footage showed a series of graffiti messages reading, “Free Gaza” and “F–k Israel.”

Another graffiti messages, written in neon paint, read, “Gaza is going to win.”

The antisemitic graffiti messages were spotted the same weekend as thousands descended on Washington, D.C. to march and rally Saturday afternoon, calling for a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war, and an end to U.S. aid to Israel.

What has our nation come to where people think it is perfectly O.K. to call for the death of Jews?

Why are we allowing thousands to march on our capitol demanding we support the terrorists that raped and murdered innocent people?

Joe Biden is a weak and cowardly man who is too afraid to renounce those protesting because he knows something vital.

Those people are the same people that will vote for him in 2024.

That is why Biden continues to preach about Islamaphobia rather than the rampant antisemitism.


CNN shares more on the story:

The nonstop Israeli bombardment has killed almost 10,000 people in Gaza, many of them civilians and a large portion of them children. Israeli airstrikes have targeted hospitals, schools, refugee camps, and ambulances, sparking outrage from the international community and warnings from rights groups that the strikes may constitute war crimes.

A livestream showed crowds almost filling Freedom Plaza, located nearby the National Mall and White House. Organizers told CNN they expected tens of thousands to attend.

The protests are “a testament of just how much more support has grown around the Palestinian solidarity movement and that people really want to see change come,” said Iman Abid-Thompson, director of advocacy at the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, one of the groups organizing the Washington D.C. protest, in an interview with CNN.

“This has now become a choice of morality,” she went on. “And I think you either choose to speak up and support the Palestinians or you choose to support a genocide.”

Mass hysteria has gripped the nation.

People are, for some reason, siding with the terrorists, demanding a ceasefire.

Are they so dense that they can’t realize that Hamas will NOT ceasefire?

They started this war, and they intend to continue it until they are either victorious or everyone is entirely dead.

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