No matter how hard the Democrats try, they are not going to be able to silence the majority of Americans who voted to give President Trump a second term in November.

In Florida, signs like this one that reads: “The Only Thing Worse Than COVDI-19 Would Be Biden-21,” can be seen in front of homes and businesses across the state:

Here’s another great “You Know Trump Won” sign in front of a Florida home:

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Last night, a massive “Trump Won” banner was unfurled from an upper deck for the entire ballpark to see in Yankee Stadium.


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Last week, when we were driving through Antrim County, MI, we saw this sign hanging from the front of a home on a main road:

The day after the election, it was discovered that over 5,000 votes were flipped from Trump to Biden in Antrim County, MI. Citizens are not giving up on fighting alongside William Bailey, the plaintiff who sued Antrim County over their election results. The goal is to force an actual forensic audit of the vote, as a large majority of people still believe the election was stolen.

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