The former Mayor of New York and attorney for President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, trolled the Biden campaign recently in a big way.

Rudi Giuliani sent a letter to the Debate Commission asking that Biden appear live in-person for the debates with President Trump.  In the letter, Rudy trolled the former VP.

The address America’s Mayor used for Biden is “Basement”. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee has been labeled to be hiding in his basement over the past few months. The Biden campaign has used the China-virus as an excuse for their so-called “phenomenal” candidate to hide from the media and American public.

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On Thursday, Rudy Giuliani branded Black Lives Matter as a “domestic terrorist group” and demanded to know why it hasn’t received that classification. He also compared Black Lives Matter to Antifa, saying that “both of [them] are domestic terrorist groups without any doubt.” Giuliani’s comments came while he was telling the program that his “greatest fear” is for Joe Biden to win the presidential election.

“Do you know who knows that best? African Americans,” Giuliani told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “I’ve actually had them tell me, ‘Why aren’t they classified as a terrorist group?’ Just because they are Black, nobody can say it?”

And with the ongoing racial protests, being supported by the left, “this is no longer America,” Giuliani said. “This is some other country. They are literally trying to overthrow our way of life. We can’t have that happen with a phony election. The American people want that, they darn well better vote for it. I don’t think they will.”

Then when reporting on the response from the commission, the Trump Team posted the following:

The Trump campaign wrote:

In a reply to President Trump’s re-election campaign Thursday, the Commission on Presidential Debates left the door open to a revised debate schedule if Joe Biden agrees to a fourth debate or one moved to an earlier date before voters begin casting ballots.  The Trump campaign has agreed to the three existing debates, but has argued that one should be added or rescheduled to prior to September 4, 2020, when the first ballots will be in the hands of voters in North Carolina. Millions of voters will be able to vote long before the first debate on the current schedule on September 29, 2020.

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The statement concluded, “‘We must insist on a commitment that the two candidates will definitely appear on stage, in person – whether in a television studio without an audience or elsewhere – and not through separate, online transmissions where Mr. Biden could rely on notes, teleprompter, or handlers,’ the letter reads.”


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