Mastercard, in conjunction with Empik and PayEye, are piloting a Biometric Checkout Program in Poland.

The pilot program utilizes iris and facial biometrics.

“Thanks to the cooperation with PayEye fintech, and technology partner Planet Pay, customers will be able to test paying for purchases with their glance in five Empik stores across Poland. This is the first Biometric Checkout Program pilot in Europe,” Mastercard stated.

Per Mastercard:

The pilot is launching in response to the growing popularity of biometric technology. Globally, 74 percent of consumers say they have a positive attitude toward biometric technologies. In Poland, meanwhile, 4 out of 5 respondents say that they use or have used biometric technology, and among 18–25-year-olds, virtually all are familiar with using biometrics.

Mastercard’s global Biometric Checkout Program, represents a first-of-its-kind technology framework to help establish standards for new ways to pay, allowing cardholders to use a wide range of biometric payment authentication methods such as palm, face or iris scan. This simplifies the checkout process in store, as consumers no longer need to use a physical payment card, cash or a mobile device to pay for purchases. With Mastercard Biometric Checkout Program, secure and convenient experiences are possible simply by using your biometrics.

“Mastercard is a pioneer of innovative payment methods and drive security, and standardization and Poland is an perfect place for such a groundbreaking pilot,” Marta Życińska, director general of Mastercard Europe branch in Poland, said.

Polskie Radio reports:

The biometric payment system at Empik operates through a mobile application, where users input their personal data and payment card information just once. During the initial transaction, the system requires confirmation via a PIN or phone number. For subsequent transactions, users simply look into a special terminal to complete the payment.

“We are introducing a completely new technology in Poland, taking biometrics to the next level […] Biometrics is something we already use daily, like unlocking our phones with a fingerprint or face scan. Now, we can make payments without any devices, cards, or phones, which is indeed a huge leap forward,” said Marta Życińska, General Director of the Polish branch of Mastercard Europe. She highlighted Poland’s pioneering role in modern payment methods, noting the country’s early adoption of contactless payments in 2007.

The pilot program will take place in the following locations:

  • Galeria Mokotów in Warsaw
  • Bielany in Wrocław
  • Posnania in Poznań
  • Galeria Kazimierz in Kraków
  • M1 Mall in Czeladź

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