Today, during the continuation of the impeachment sham, Democratic counsel Daniel Goldman was questioned by House Judiciary Committee member, Rep. Gaetz about his political leanings. Gaetz asked Goldman about his role in the impeachment inquiry, asking, “Are you a partisan advocate for the Democrat position or are you here as a nonpartisan investigator of the facts?”

Daniel Goldman responded, “I am here to present the report that we did on our investigation, which was totally and completely reliant on the actual evidence we uncovered, the witness testimony and the documents.”

“Are you a partisan?” Gaetz asked.

“I am not a partisan,” he responded.

Rep. Gaetz asked the GOP counsel, Mr. Castro, if he made political donations, he responded that he doesn’t remember giving political donations.

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Rep. Gaetz asked, “Mr. Goldman, do you make political donations?”

Goldman responded by saying, “I do so—I think it’s very important…”

Gaetz cut him off, as he attempted to justify donating tens of thousands of dollars to the Democratic Party while attempting to pretend to be “non-partisan”

Rep. Matt Gaetz asked Mr. Goldman if he ever tweeted against President Trump? Daniel Goldman admitted that he made a “number of tweets in my private capacity.” Rep. Gaetz showed Mr. Goldman a blown up tweet by Mr. Goldman behind him that was based on lies about the discredited Steele dossier. After Rep. Gaetz destroyed the substance of his tweet, he asked the partisan hack lawyer if he regretted his tweet? Mr. Goldman refused to respond to Rep. Gaetz’s question.

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Here is the untrue tweet about President Trump that the Democrat Party’s counsel, Daniel Goldman tweeted in August 2018.

During his rant, Rep. Gaetz mentioned that Democrat lawyer Barry Berke also donated money to the Democrat Party. Mr. Berke’s contributions, however, added up to over $100K. House Judiciary Committee member, Rep Greg Stuebe (R-FL), blasted the Democrat hack lawyer in this awesome rant:



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