Former NBC anchor Matt Lauer claims he’s planning on doing some ‘soul searching’ now that he’s got time on his hands after being fired for ‘sexual misconduct’. He might want to take a look at the old footage of him awkwardly interviewing Sandra Bullock about a nude scene…Yikes! Is it his tone of voice or just overall creepiness during the interview? You be the judge…

Lauer begins the 2009 interview about Bullock’s film The Proposal by telling her how long it’s been since he last interviewed her on the Today Show.

He then adds with a smile: ‘The major thing that’s changed since I’ve seen you last? I have now seen you naked.’

Bullock cringes and replies: ‘And I’m so sorry about that. Were you able to sleep afterwards?’

Lauer then says creepily: ‘It’s now my screensaver,’ before continuing to push the issue by saying: ‘You were naked for most of this movie.’

Bullock laughs awkwardly and insists: ‘No, I’m not. I’m not naked for most of this movie, [perhaps] emotionally naked.’

Lauer continues to question Bullock about how she, playing a publishing house executive, covers her body with a ‘wash cloth’ during the scene in which she bumps into her assistant played by Ryan Reynolds after a shower.

Later in the interview he brings up her nudity again, asking: ‘Did I mention you have a nude scene in this movie?’

‘Pretty much from the time you opened your mouth,’ Bullock snaps.

Lauer then tries to end the interview by saying: ‘Sandra Bullock, come back more often’ but she replies ‘no, not after this interview, no.’

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