Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the unhinged Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) attempted to explain her obsession with calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump with absolutely no basis or even a shred of factual evidence.

The funniest part of the video comes when MSNBC guest host Ben Stein attempts to force Maxine to give an actual reason why President Trump should be impeached and unhinged Maxine goes off on her theory about who came up with the very popular (and accurate) nick-name of “Crooked Hillary” for Hillary Clinton during the campaign. And as a bonus, Waters also embarrassingly admits she thinks the same person is responsible for the term “lock her up” that actually came from Trump’s fans at his massive rallies. It’s pretty obvious that President Trump and his supporters have gotten so deep under Maxine’s thin skin…LOL!

Stein asked Waters somewhat incredulously if she felt that the Kremlin was involved in developing strategy to sink Hillary Clinton.

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“Just to be clear, we haven’t—there’s been no actual evidence yet of collusion,” said Stein.

“No, it has not been,” replied Waters.

“And I want you to know, every time I’ve talked about impeachment, I’ve said we’ve got to connect the dots, we’ve got to get the facts, we’ve got to do the investigation. That is what leads to impeachment and I also said that Trump will lead us right there,” she added. For entire story- Townhall

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