The left is going ballistic over supposed words said by President Trump to a grieving military widow.  President Trump made a call to Myeshia Wilson that has been turned into a political football by the left to make Trump out to be “crazy”. Wilson’s husband was killed in Niger while serving in our military.

The media also wasted no time covering this story that does it’s best to try and make Trump look as bad as possible…Just another day in the life of the lefty media.

Far left Congresswoman  Frederica Wilson jumped right in to trash Trump after the call. She’s following the left’s narrative by claiming Trump is a “sick man”.  It’s pretty funny that Wilson calls Trump crazy while wearing a glittery cowgirl hat 24/7.

According to NBC:

“He said, ‘But you know he must’ve known what he signed up for,’” the Democrat recounted Trump saying more than once during the call to express his sympathy. According to Wilson, the conversation lasted somewhere from three to five minutes.

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“Everyone knows when you go to war you could possibly not come back alive but you don’t remind a grieving widow of that,” Wilson said. “That’s so insensitive.”

Trump “didn’t even remember his name,” Wilson recalled Myeshia Johnson telling her after the call ended, the congresswoman told MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Wednesday.

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“She hung up the phone and said, ‘He didn’t even remember his name,’” Wilson said. “That’s the hurting part.”…

…The White House said Tuesday that the president had called the families of all four service members who were killed. “He offered condolences on behalf of a grateful nation and assured them their family’s extraordinary sacrifice to the country will never be forgotten,” the White House said.

Asked about Wilson’s characterization of the call, a White House official said Tuesday night that “the president’s conversations with the families of American heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice are private.”

Trump hit back at the claims saying he has proof of what was said on the call:

Wilson took no time in shooting back that Trump is a “sick man”. She’s clearly milking this for all it’s worth. It’s sick that this Democrat would use this call to a grieving widow to bash our president.

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