Maxine Waters got downright nasty at the funeral for Dick Gregory. She used the funeral to bash President Trump in a big way. She’s not dumb…this is her base. She started with: “I’ve got work to do…” That’s pretty rich for a woman who has done NOTHING for the people she represents. She’s only lined her pockets. Shame on her!

Waters repeatedly called President Trump a “dishonorable human being.” She went further by indicating his White House cabinet was filled with KKK members and the Alt-right. She even mentioned what she thought Dick Gregory would say about Trump’s actions with Putin. “Did he collude with Russia? I bet you Dick Gregory would tell me, ‘Yeah, he did it.’” Whether impeached or not, Waters is sure she’ll leave a lasting impression on the president. “We’re gonna let someone come along, like this ‘thing’ in the White House and dishonor us all?… I don’t think so! … When I get done with Donald Trump, he’s gonna wish he had been impeached,” she said.

Just a nasty woman! Her hate is palpable but her corruption is even bigger. We think Maxine Waters should be tossed on her bum out of Congress!

Maxine Waters doesn’t even live in her district! She lives in a multi-million dollar mansion!

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She’s a “poverty pimp”

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