Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters said that she thinks California should be the first Democratic primary because of their “fancy parties” and big money fundraisers, when she appeared on CNBC.

‘Auntie’ Maxine Waters went on to say with a strange inflection in her voice: “it should not simply be Iowa and New Hampshire…that certainly they are not reflective of the makeup of this country.”

So she’s saying the “very rich hosting fancy parties” is more reflective of America?

The comment about Iowa and New Hampshire was interesting because of the inflection in Waters’ voice.

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If California is more reflective of America…

Lord help us!

Waters was in Los Angeles recently preaching hate from the pulpit:

Maxine Waters visited a black church in Los Angeles but didn’t preach the gospel. She used her time at the pulpit to rant against President Trump. Waters called the president names and said: “He can’t intimidate me.”

President Trump wasn’t the only one Rep. Waters ranted against. She said, “we have a lot of racists, dishonorable people in the Senate of the United States of America”…”they claim to be patriots (feedback noise)…they are no patriots…we are the patriots, we’re the ones who stood with this country…” Waters goes on and on with her race-baiting because it’s what has worked for her for decades to get reelected. She pits the black community against everyone else even though President Trump has done incredible things for the black community.

This woman is all about revenge and hate because it equals votes for her. Pathetic!


A longer video below has more of the same hateful tone and disrespect for President Trump. Notice how the crowd just eats this up.

Note to ‘Auntie’ Maxine: It’s 2020, and President Trump is doing so much for the black community!

Are you doing what you can for the people you represent?



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