Shame on Teen Vogue! Maxine Waters was a guest of Teen Vogue and was interviewed about why she’s calling on young teens to resist our president. This sick behavior by a grown woman smells like sedition. Just read the answer to the question below:

Teen Vote asked: What advice would you give to burgeoning young activists who want to help the #resist movement and create effective political change? What can citizens do you help you as a congresswoman achieve change?

MW: There are several things that can be done. I love that they dominate social media, and the way that they can communicate with people [by sharing] what I’m doing and retweet what I’m doing. Every time they bring another person in to listen and to read about what is going on, we gain another supporter, who not only can continue to speak up and convince other people that we have to bring down this president, but now I know they will become voters and that they’re going to vote because they have investments in this political process.


Congresswoman Maxine Waters is desperate to “Impeach 45,” and she’s pleading with teenagers to follow her example and push her political agenda in church, and everywhere else.

Waters led a chant of “Impeach 45” – her rally cry to unseat President Trump – at The Teen Vogue Summit in Los Angeles last weekend, before urging the mostly teenage female crowd to take on her cause and repeat her mantra everywhere they go.

“Impeach 45! That’s right,” Waters said. “Let’s sing that song all over this country wherever we are. Let’s talk about it in the workplace, let’s talk about it in our churches, let’s talk about it with organized labor, let’s get people coming to the forefront.”

Waters, 79, apparently believes that a mob of young girls, many not old enough to vote, chanting “Impeach 45!” will convince Republican lawmakers to reverse course on a plan to lower taxes for Americans, and to remove a president from their own party.

So far, Waters’ calls for her colleagues in Congress to impeach Trump have fallen on deaf ears. Lawmakers voted 364-58 against a resolution to consider the move this week, Fox News reports.

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