MAXINE GOT A MAKEOVER and is hopping mad about speculation she’s running for POTUS in 2020. It can’t help that Tucker Carlson is mocking her just about every night.

Waters was in a foul mood during an interview with her favorite news anchor…Joy Reid. Reid is a foot soldier for Waters. These two get together every other day to bash Trump. Pitiful!

The funny thing is that no one was criticizing Waters. They were merely speculating if she is considering a presidential run, something she has admitted to if she had the support of millennials. Right?

Waters told Reid: “Just because I’m going to New Hampshire to be at a Democratic Party event for one of my colleagues, they made this story up. , or to make people uncomfortable with me, all of that. So you’re gonna be hearing a lot more from them these people who are all, you know, aligned around trying to discredit Maxine Waters because she has stayed on Trump’s case so much. And so you’re going to hear a lot more from them. Don’t believe anything they’re saying.”


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