MAXINE WATERS IS CONVINCED…NO, she’s sure that there’s something going on between Putin and Trump. She was interviewed on MSNBC by a young reporter who may have been a little afraid of Mad Maxine. Watch how he warns her he’s going to challenge her claims…too funny!

This woman is full of rhetoric that’s a total lie! The only people who believe any of what she says are the low info voters!

American Mirror reports:

“I believe this president has an agreement, uh, with Russia and with Putin, to lift the sanctions and I think the president thought it was gonna be easier than it has been for him to do that,” Waters said.

“But I think that he’s continuing to send a message to Putin that he’s with him, that he’s looking out for him, and that he’s going to get there.

“This business of wanting Putin involved in the summit is all about sanctions,” Waters declared, referring to the G7 meeting that Trump had already left.

“He’s going to advocate for the lifting of sanctions for North Korea, and guess what? Along with that, the lifting of sanctions for Russia. I truly believe that. I want us all to keep our eyes on what he’s doing, what he’s saying. And remember that I’m saying that it’s all about the president and his commitment to Putin to lift those sanctions and he’s gonna try and get it done with the summit meeting,” she said.

Asked to back up her “strong allegations,” Waters went further.

“Well, you know, I believe that the way Putin and Russia and the Kremlin involved themselves in our election to make sure that Trump got elected — everything that they did, including hacking into the DNC, but also the targeting that they did on social media, the way that they bought the ads, all of that, is about an agreement that they have,” she said.

“It’s not simply that he does not like the United States and he just thinks that somehow this president would be better for him. It’s about money. It’s about sanctions. It’s about Putin wanting to drill for oil,” Waters claimed.

“I know that I am talking about my opinion, but I wish that they would be paid attention to, media,” she lectured, “because I think that you have to focus more on what this attempt is to get these sanctions lifted.”

Waters, of course, dismissed Trump’s criticisms of the G7 countries, and claimed the president “has more of an alliance with the dictators and strongmen of the world.”

“He doesn’t know what he’s doing,” she declared.

“It’s dangerous!”

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