Maxine Waters begins an interview about negotiations with President Trump over border security with saying he should “shut up”. She makes claims about how President Trump negotiates that aren’t true.

“It is hard to believe that he is prepared to seriously negotiate when he’s making his demands outside of the negotiation already. First of all, he’s talking about he’s got to have a certain amount of money. He’s also talking about how terrible it is with the rapists and the drug dealers, on and on and on. That’s not how you enter a negotiation. You shut up and you shut down and you get into the negotiation and you legitimately lay your concerns on the table and people are prepared to talk about what they can and cannot do.”

Maxine goes on to claim that President Trump doesn’t understand the three branches of government:

“He doesn’t understand the role of the three branches of government.”…Maxine might be thinking of Obama who went around Congress every chance he could. Trump is doing everything he can to get both parties to come together to secure the border.

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No, this is what Obama did:

“He thinks he can just run over the House and the Senate, but we’re proving that he can’t do that.’

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Maxine is off her rocker!

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