Maxine, Maxine Maxine…”Derelicts”? Did she just call Congress a bunch of derelicts? LOL! We have to agree with her!

Another gaffe from Maxine…

She’s overplaying her hand again in claiming that to protect our Democracy we must impeach 45. Could someone tell this lunatic that we are not a Democracy!


Who wants to destroy a person before they are ever proven guilty? Democrats do! They didn’t follow the rule of innocent until proven guilty with Judge Kavanaugh and they aren’t doing it with President Trump.

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This woman is determined to do what she can to destroy our president. She has been since he was elected. It’s evil.


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“This criminal must be brought up by the Congress of the United States for impeachment, and if we don’t do it, we’re derelicts in our duty,”


Who votes for this woman? Who was derelict in their duty to NOT allow Maxine Waters back in Congress?

“I do believe that the Congress of the United States of America has not assumed their responsibility that’s given to us by the Constitution of the United States by way of impeachment.”

“This president, in my estimation, has done everything possible to certainly be eligible for impeachment.”

Maxine thinks she’s protecting our Democracy? Really?

You can bet that if the Democrats do anything of the sort, they will have a huge backlash from the silent majority.

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