Nothing symbolizes the horrible tenure of De Blasio’s leadership like rats taking over the Upper West Side of NYC. It’s like one big rotting apple of socialism and decay…Because of the touchy, feely liberals who don’t want to poison the rats, the rats have literally taken over!

Hungry rats are so bold that they are menacing parents, nannies and babies on the Upper West Side.…

“There’s rats everywhere,” an Upper West Side resident said.

State Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal said some parkgoers claim rats are jumping into baby strollers to steal snacks.

Why not poison the rats? Because hawks might get sick from eating poisoned rats. Better to let the rats breed out of control and attack baby strollers.

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De Blasio says he is going to throw $32 million at the problem, largely by replacing trash cans. He could reduce the rat population more effectively by leaving town OR doing the smart thing and poisoning them!


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So many rats scurried around the Diana Ross playground in Central Park near West 81st Street on Tuesday afternoon that kids were counting them. Parents say that has been the norm all summer.

“If you come towards the afternoon you see a lot of them running when it’s getting darker outside… it’s kind of gross,” Lucy Torres said.

“It’s a safety concern,” said Upper West Side mom Karen Messing. “They’re emboldened, they’re all over the parks… it’s broad daylight, the playgrounds are full and the rats are running around.”

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