Mayor Lori Lightfoot has kept Chicago in a solid lockdown since mid-March, but the people of the city are getting cabin fever.

They want to get out to see friends so they are ignoring the lockdown put in place by the mayor. After a video of a large house party in the city went viral last week, Mayor Lightfoot is threatening offenders with punishment:

“The time for educating people into compliance is over. Don’t be stupid. Don’t come out. Don’t advertise on social media. We’re watching you, and we are going to take decisive action.”

The Chicago Tribune reports: Lightfoot noted that the black community has been hard hit by the coronavirus and then said this:

“When you go out and party, when you go home to your momma, your grandma, or anybody in your household who has an underlying medical condition, you are bringing death to their doorstep, make no mistake about it,” Lightfoot said. “If you care about them, you will stop this foolish, reckless behavior.”


The video of the house party that took place in Chicago last weekend shows people shoulder to shoulder:

The Chicago Police broke up several house parties on Friday night and said there were six planned for Saturday night.

The coronavirus crisis has locked down businesses and parks all over America. With the weather getting warmer, Chicagoans are restless, and they’re not taking the lockdowns anymore. Mayor Lori Lightfoot has tried to keep the city locked down but what just happened in Lincoln Park could be a sign that the Chicagoans are going to take matters into their own hands to open the city back up. The local park in the city of Chicago was the sight of fed-up locals who tore down fences and entered the Lincoln Park despite the restrictions Mayor Lori Lightfoot put in place.

Mayor Lightfoot and the Chicago Police Department closed down the city parks, including Lincoln Park, after a warmer day drew crowds to the lakefront.

Clay Stroup wrote about his Lincoln Park experience on Facebook:

“Cops are parked at common entry areas. They are watching people jump the fences, even snapping pictures on their cell phones (probably to show their buddies). A fence gets knocked down, a city worker is called to put it back up. Then someone makes a hole in the fence. The hole slowly gets bigger, until someone comes along … and just rips the entire thing open. Then everyone starts using the opening until a city worker comes by to patch it up again. And round and round we go.”

“I went for a run through downtown Chicago then up to the south end of Lincoln Park. The park was fenced off, along with some entrances blocked by heavy wooden slats and the sidewalk by plastic webbing. One runner, from inside the fence, told me why: ‘I know a couple weeks ago it was pretty packed in here. That’s when the fences went up.’

Now, Mayor Lightfoot has threatened the citizens of Chicago with citations and arrests for those who ignore her coronavirus stay-at-home order.

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