During a Friday appearance on FNC’s “Fox & Friends,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced he was briefed by the FBI regarding Rep. Eric Swalwell’s  reported ties to Chinese spy Christine Fang after being stonewalled twice.

While speaking to reporters after receiving an FBI briefing on Friday, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) stated that the briefing made it clear that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) should not be on the House Intelligence Committee.

McCarthy said, “I don’t talk about what goes on inside there, but it only raised more questions. The one thing that was fundamentally answered, he should not be on Intel.”

“I’ve never been briefed on this. I learned about this the same time you did, and in that meantime, I have asked for a briefing, and twice the FBI has canceled the briefing that they had scheduled with me in the last week. Today, I will get a briefing,” McCarthy advised earlier Friday.

McCarthy went on to say that the report raises many questions, such as what do the Chinese have on the Democratic Party and how did Swalwell end up on the Intelligence Committee?

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“And what’s important to me is it raises so many more questions,” he stated. “What do the communist Chinese have on the Democrats that is so powerful — so powerful that they focused on a person when he was a city council member, bundled money for him to become a member of Congress. This person got on to the Intel Committee. Did somebody lobby for him? And in his first year, his committee was overseeing the CIA? And then at the same time, he ran for president. We have Nancy Pelosi, who just last year said it was a diversion to focus on China. You got the Democrat Armed Service chair who literally said on the floor of Congress that it was not China’s job to warn us about the virus. You got Adam Schiff, the now-chairman of Intel Committee, saying it was just escalation, that it was wrong that we close that consulate in Houston of China. It raises so many more questions.”

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As previously reported by 100% Fed Up:

Pressure is increasing on Swalwell to answer questions about a report that alleged a female Chinese spy named Christine Fang, or Fang Fang, targeted Swalwell between 2011 and 2015 as part of a political intelligence operation.

“Swalwell is a national security liability. This is too important for the FBI to continue to stonewall,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy continued, “There are 200 other Democrat members of Congress. You’re going to tell me one of those other 200 are not better to be on the Intel Committee than Swalwell? I’ve asked for this briefing today because I have a lot of questions. The Democrats backed out of the bipartisan task force on China last year, on the day before we are announcing it? Why? Why can you allow Swalwell to stay on this committee and cheat the American public? It is justified that we look at and save our national security.”

“Eric Swalwell attacked our national intel officer John Ratcliffe when he told about China’s growing spy network. He attacked an American and defended China, and this is just in the last month. Why? These are questions that continue to raise that everybody should be concerned about,” he later added, emphasizing that he “won’t give up on” until he has the answers.


A reporter confronted Rep. Eric Swalwell on Friday afternoon questioning his relationship with the alleged Chinese spy – to no answer.


To date, Swalwell, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee and has access to highly classified information, has not answered questions about his relationship with Fang Fang.

McCarthy said Swalwell should be removed from the House Intel Committee and ultimately removed from Congress.

The same FBI that spared no resources hunting down Trump and his associates over a nonexistent Russian threat is now stonewalling oversight of a very real threat from the Chinese Communists.

Stay tuned to 100% FED UP for breaking updates on McCarthy’s FBI Briefing and Swalwell’s ties to the alleged Chinese spy.

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