Former Speaker and RINO, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, continues to dig his grave after an interview with CNN.

During the interview, McCarthy shot those who fired him from the Speaker position, specifically Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Watch the interview here:

It is comical to see McCarthy saying that Matt Gaetz isn’t conservative.

As if McCarthy is?

The RINO has sold his people out and is only interested in things that benefit him.

Matt Gaetz doesn’t need me to defend him, though.

He took to X soon after the interview in an explosive response.

Watch it here:

“Thoughts and prayers to the former speaker as he works through his grief.”

What a great response to the disgraced former Speaker.

Matt Gaetz wasn’t the only one who took shots at McCarthy.

Rep. Nancy Mace, whom McCarthy also spoke about, responded.

Read here:

I’m enjoying this moment in government where the GOP is impeaching and removing all the useless puppets that plague our government.

We should continue this trend until all of these corrupt politicians are removed.

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