Mitch McConnell said he won’t bring a Biden Supreme Court nominee to a vote if a vacancy occurs and the Republicans recapture the senate in 2022.

McConnell made the remarks during an interview on the Hugh Hewitt show Monday morning. Mr. Hewitt commented on the movement among the radical left-wing of the democrat party, which is attempting to coerce Justice Stephen Breyer into retirement. Their plan is to shove the 82-year-old Breyer out, with Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaker on a new nominee if they can’t siphon off a few Rino votes.

Justice Breyer was nominated by Bill Clinton in 1994 and has served on the court for over 26 years. He is considered to be part of the liberal wing of the court. Breyer has already gained the ire of the lunatic left when he spoke out in April against expanding the court in a move known as court-packing. Mr. Breyer warned in an online lecture at Harvard Law School, that court-packing would undermine “the trust that the court has gradually built.”

The pressure is on and it’s already getting nasty.

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Hewitt asked McConnell if he’d take the same course of action he took following the suspicious death of Justice Antonia Scalia in Obama’s final year, where he refused to bring Obama’s nominee, Merrick Garland, up for a vote. Their exchange went like this:

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Hewitt: “Let me ask you, if you regain the majority in 2022 for the Republicans, and there’s a very good chance of that happening, …would the rule that you applied in 2016 to the Scalia vacancy apply in 2024 to any vacancy that occurred then?”

McConnell: “Well, I think in the middle of a presidential election, if you have a Senate of the opposite party of the president, you have to go back to the 1880s to find the last time a vacancy was filled. So I think it’s highly unlikely. In fact, no, I don’t think either party if it controlled, if it were different from the president, would confirm a Supreme Court nominee in the middle of an election. What was different in 2020 was we were of the same party as the president.”




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