WHO KNEW HE HAD IT IN HIM? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) pushed back against a reporter who asked a question critical of the Republican tax reform bill early Wednesday morning by pointing out it was the reporter’s “job” to use “Democratic talking points.”

McConnell held a press conference shortly after the Senate passed the $1.5 trillion package of tax cuts and tax code revisions in the chamber’s 51-48 vote. The vote was at about 1:30 a.m. after much debate on the floor of the Senate. The Democrats are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the Republicans. They are putting politics before what’s best for America. Pro-growth is the way to go! MAGA!

A MONTAGE OF HYSTERIA FROM THE LEFT OVER THE TAX BILL AFTER THE HOUSE VOTE BUT BEFORE THE SENATE VOTED ON IT: Check out the woman who breaks into the live feed to call the bill a “scam”…Wow!

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“What do you say to Sen. Schumer when he says that you guys are going to rue the day that you pass this bill–that the politics of passing long-term corporate tax cuts with short-term individual cuts is going to catch up to you guys?” a reporter asked.

McConnell cleared his throat and told the reporter he understood his job to “use the Democratic talking points” before explaining why he believes the tax reform bill is good for Americans.

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