Mom Amber Lavigne, who lives in Wiscasset, Maine, has demanded an investigation into her daughter’s school. Lavigne recently discovered that school guidance counselor Sam Roy gave her 13-year-old daughter undergarments. Lavigne said she found a chest binder in her daughter’s room and pressed her on how she obtained it. Lavigne said her daughter reluctantly admitted that her school counselor had purchased it for her. Allegedly, Roy told her daughter about gender transitioning, reportedly purchasing two binders for her. He apparently also told her she did not need to tell her parents, and neither would he. Without parental consent, Roy also started calling her by a male name to assist her in transitioning and assigned her he/him pronouns.

A tweet was posted of “Sam Roy, the social worker at Great Salt Bay School who sexually transitioned a student by providing a 13-year-old a chest binder without her mother knowing and encouraged the minor child to keep it a secret.


Lavigne expressed concern and said her daughter should not make any decisions on her gender at age 13. She believes it is her job to protect her child and let her make her own decisions when she is an adult.

“If she thinks she’s going to live a more fulfilled life as a male, that’s up for her to decide as an adult. At 13, it’s up to me to safeguard my child against doing things to her body that she can’t reverse.”

Amber Lavigne

Lavigne has started homeschooling her daughter and filed suit against the Great Salt Bay School. Her lawyers at the Goldwater Institute called for a “full investigation into Mr. Roy’s decision to give a 13-year-old girl an undergarment without notice, consent, or involvement of her mother.” 

Goldwater Institute also said the school’s actions broke the Fourteen Amendment. In a letter, Attorney Adam Shelton stated that Lavigne has a “fundamental constitutional right to control and direct the education, upbringing, and healthcare decisions of her daughter.” They also noted that while students have access to confidential mental healthcare at school, social transitioning is “not protected by statutory confidentiality.”

The letter also said, “The social transitioning of Ms. Lavigne’s daughter without her notice, consent, or involvement in the process alone violated her constitutional rights.”

She believes her daughter’s gender confusion is “110 percent” the result of the increased discussion on the topic in schools and society,

‘I have people in my life who work in other public schools in Maine. This is happening everywhere: One day, this girl is declaring she’s a boy, and a week later, she’s deciding she’s not,’ she told the outlet. 

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