Welcome to the mean streets of New York City…

A good Samaratin walking on a sidewalk in New York City had his wallet stolen and was brutally beaten in return for covering a man with his winter coat.

The NYPD released an incredible video showing a male walking down a sidewalk on Fifth Avenue early in the morning when he spots a homeless man sleeping next to a building in the extreme cold.

NBCNewYork reports – “He’s very cold. He’s sleeping in the street,” the good Samaritan said. “I take my jacket and put [it] on him.”

The video shows the man holding his coat off and captures him trying to place it over the man. That’s when the sleeping man jumps up, throws him to the ground and grabs his wallet from his rear pocket. The good Samaritan tries to take his wallet back and gets punched in the face multiple times. The suspect then runs off.


In 2021, a violent crime wave swept across Democratic cities in the United States. In New York, shootings are up a stunning 166% and violent crime surged to record highs. The newly elected NYC Mayor Eric Adams has promised to rein in violent crime in the city and is bringing back an NYPD anti-crime unit that was controversial in the past. While Adams appears to be willing to be tougher on crime, prosecutors in the city have a different plan. Alvin Bragg, the new Manhattan District Attorney, says that he will not be seeking prison sentences for most crimes, including violent crimes.

The chart below reveals the stunning increase in crime in 2022 in NYC compared to the same time in 2021:

With violent crime sharply rising in NYC and a DA who has openly stated he won’t jail those who commit violent crimes, stories like good samaritans being beaten in the streets in the middle of an act of pure kindess aren’t going away.

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