There have been numerous reports of attacks on young girls in Europe. Whether they’re walking to school or swimming at the neighborhood pool. It’s been covered u[p by the media and the government. The interviews in this video expose the refugee minors in a big way! I happened to see a comment by someone from Canada who had a shocking confirmation that this is now happening there:
Barb from Canada:
Excellent video . . . especially the “interviews” with the thug-children in German schools. We’ve got it all now, right here in Canada. And we’re being so politically correct it’s disgusting.
Bullying of local children by refugee minors covered up by media.


Three Stories Combined:
1. Cover-up of news about Syrian boys, who choked Canadian girl;
2. Media ignoring murdered Lithuanian boy by migrant in Sweden;
3. Germany’s teacher forbidden to speak about problems with immigrants children.

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