A recent poll showed that 40% of black voters support Donald Trump. The media is in full panic mode over the very real possibility that Trump could win the general in a landslide. The only hope they have of stopping him from winning with the black voter is by somehow effectively tying him to the KKK. MSNBC did their best to do just that in this ridiculous discussion where collectively, the hosts made 6 attempts to tie Donald Trump to the KKK in a span of 3.5 minutes. Lyin’ Brian Williams opened up the the segment with an immediate tie in to Donald Trump and the KKK.

MSNBC Republican pundit, and fired host of The View, Nicolle Wallace mentioned the KKK in relationship to Donald Trump FOUR times in less than 2 minutes,  where she was actually part of the conversation:”Listen, I talked to folks today who’ve been involved in previous presidential campaigns. Ken Mehlman a former campaign director and former RNC director put out the  and they put out the same message about the KKK. I don’t know that we’ve ever gone into a Super Tuesday where someone was going to clinch the nomination on the heels of his KKK scandal. Right?” There’s a lot of hope in the sort of, in the midwest, where his support is very robust that he would actually bring new voters into the electorate. But you can’t do that if you’re acting ambivalent about just how abhorrent the KKK endorsement would have been. I think the party could grapple with a policy debate. That’s not what we’re having. We’re having a wall-to-wall twenty-four-seven scandal where the Speaker of the  House and the Senate majority leader has to go before cameras and disavow the KKK.”

WATCH MSNBC cut the sound off when black Trump supporter tries to say “We’re all Americans we need to stop the race stuff”: 




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