These acts of disorder and violence by young blacks appear to be coordinated. Why is the media not reporting on these incidents and why are they not even trying to discover who is behind these coordinated acts of violence across America? If these were Tea Party members, do you think the media would only refer to them as “crowds of people?”

Many of these “flash riots” were organized on social media with tweets like this one:

Thousands of blacks have once again rioted at shopping malls across America over the past weekend—but the controlled media is still pretending not to notice the race of the rioters, describing them as “teens” and “youths.”

st matthews mall closing

The largest riot took place at the Mall St. Matthews in Louisville, Kentucky, on Saturday, December 26, when 2,000 blacks ran amok, looting, fighting, and even firing shots at passerby.

According to media reports, the first incidents were reported at around 7 p.m. on December 26, when “police say around 1,000 to 2,000 unruly teenagers began disrupting the mall.”

The police initially described the incidents as “disturbances” but later called it a riot after the large crowd of Africans became overwhelming.

St. Matthews police spokesman Dennis McDonald said the Police Department’s command staff called TARC to request extra buses in the area to transport the young people, many who were without their parents, away from the area.

McDonald said it was tough to make any arrests, because officers were too busy breaking up the large group of disorderly young people.

Police believe many in the crowd were drawn to the area by cell phone messages sent via social media. Eventually the authorities had to call fifty officers from four different agencies to get the mall under control.

During the riots, fights broke out between gangs of Africans, while others took to looting. Several witnesses reported gunfire.

Businesses were told to close their doors and bring down steel blinds until the rampaging mob had been dispersed. Buses were brought in to drive the black mob away back to the west end of Louisville, where most had come from.

Social media comments on Facebook made by local white people complained that the police were too scared to arrest the young blacks, and instead arranged for the buses to take them away.

Just like many other such mall riots, flash mob attacks, and social mayhem involving large groups of nonwhites, the controlled media deliberately ignores the obvious—even though photographic and video coverage of the violence clearly shows the race of the perpetrators.

This coverage is in stark contrast to any incident involving white people—where the controlled media goes out of its way to emphasize that the perpetrators are white. In any incident involving whites and nonwhites, the media almost always also accuses the whites of “racism.”


A good example of this double standard is the media hype around the “black lives matter” campaign, which steadfastly ignores the reality that more whites are killed by police, pro-rata and in real terms—than blacks, and that blacks are responsible for nearly all the violent gun crime in America—and as a result, the vast majority of gun deaths of fellow blacks.

The “lying press” always follows the law of “one standard of bias against whites,” and another standard of bias in favor of anyone else.

The Louisville incident was not the only black “post-Christmas” mall riot to take place. In the Deptford Center Mall, New Jersey, a mob of more than five hundred blacks rioted in what police called a “large disturbance” at the food court.

***Language warning***

For everybody that wanted to see the fight Here ya go

Posted by Mar Cozart on Friday, December 26, 2014

Multiple law enforcement agencies from both Gloucester and Camden counties were called to the mall, located on Deptford Center Road.

In the Towson Town Center, Baltimore, a large crowd of blacks rioted and attacked police after the mall closed Saturday night.

No mention of a description of the age, ethnicity of sex of the “crowd of people” who were “met” with “a heavy police presence” by The Baltimore Sun:

A crowd of people met a heavy police presence outside of Towson Town Center after the mall closed Saturday night, and at least one object was thrown at officers, but no injuries were reported, a Baltimore County police spokesman said.

A group of 100 or more people were gathered on Dulaney Valley Road just south of Fairmount Avenue outside the mall, Officer Shawn Vinson said. The incident was kept under control, he said.

At the Patrick Henry Mall in Newport News, Virginia, a police department spokesman reported that “several fights involving teens” were reported around 5:15 p.m. Officers arrived shortly after that and started “ushering the unaccompanied kids off mall property.”

Via: The New Observer

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