100% FED Up! was able to easily find evidence about the anti-American, cop-hating, racist who attacked Trump during a rally on Sunday. Either the mainstream media news organizations don’t have any investigative journalists working for them, or they prefer to hide the truth about Trump’s attacker. We believe the latter is true.

An even bigger question is how this radical cop hating, white hating (self-loathing) Bernie Sanders supporter is able to jump on the stage of the GOP Presidential front-runner, grab him, scuffle with the US Secret Service and only be charged with two misdemeanors? 

Watch new video that was just released of Tommy DiMassimo rushing to get at Trump on stage here:

CNN interviewed Thomas (Tommy) DiMassimo, the man who was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic after he rushed the stage at an Ohio Trump rally on Sunday.

During the interview, “Tommy” DiMassimo explained to CNN that he just wanted to take the podium away from the GOP presidential front-runner to send a message. CNN never asked him a single quesiton about his past or his support for Bernie Sanders.


It’s almost as though CNN was giving Tommy DiMassimo, a Wright State University senior, a platform to express his dissatisfaction with Donald Trump. They wouldn’t do that for someone who just committed a crime by rushing the stage of the top GOP Presidential candidate… would they?


Here is the real truth about the soft-spoken Tommy DiMassimo that appeared in the CNN video who was worried about Trump being a “bully.” We found these videos on YouTube that were co-written by the Wright State University senior. The name of the video is “Red Black and Blue.” The video appears to be promoting a “Revolution” featuring blacks killing cops and of course, cops killing innocent blacks.

***LANGUAGE and VIOLENCE Warning***

Here is the first shocking trailer for DiMassimo’s movie “Red Black and Blue”:


Here is the second violent trailer. The video in its entirety can be found below:


Here are tweets that were sent out by Tommy DiMassimo just prior to the Ohio Trump rally where he rushed the stage. In the first tweet, he talks about becomig a “martyr.” The second tweet talks about getting into a Trump rally and “slapping fire” into Trump. From the Urban dictionary: The art of slapping fire out of a person is to give said person an intense slap that will leave their face red for an extended period of time. That sure sounds a LOT differnt that the non-violent explanation he gave CNN. The last tweet with the gun and smiley face emoji was sent to fake black guy, Shaun King. You be the judge of what he’s trying to say in his tweets below.

marlon brando tweets

And of course, the fact that he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter should come as no surprise:

This tweet was posted in Sept, 2015. The most recent tweets (seen above) have all been deleted.


DiMassimo posts a picture of a bloodied cop seen in the film on his Facebook page. One of his friends asks in the comment section, “Is that you?” He doesn’t respond.


This picture was taken from DiMassimo’s facebook page advertising his one man show on Wright College campus.

post gitmo muslim

Here’s DiMassio hanging out with a few sweet boys in the neighborhood:

Tommy D

Oh, the irony of DiMassimo looking to the police officer for help when he was concerned about a concealed carrier, after spending the afternoon taunting the Confederate flag supporters, and actually burning a Confederate flag in front of them at a GA rally (see below):

Here’s a video showing the controversy DiMassio created when standing on an American flag on campus:

Here is the video of the actual event. Watch the disrespect this punk has an elderly veteran confronts him:


If you can stomach it, here is the violent full-edition of the video co-written by Tommy DiMassimo, the “intelligent, bright, college senior”:


Tommy DiMassimo is sadly, representative of many of the whiny, anti-American students we see supporting Bernie Sanders and a Black Lives Matter terror movement today. Black Lives Matter was created to threaten and intimidate Americans into giving them not equal treatment, but special treatment. Our hateful and divisive President is responsible for the groundswell of support for hate groups like this that are popping up across colleges, universities and large cities across America. The reason they are trying so hard to prevent a Trump presidency is because they fear he will call them out and expose them for their self-serving agenda. Their only hope to keep this radical movement going is to elect Bernie Sanders or Hillary. Trump is the only person who they fear is an obstacle standing in the way of their goal.

We’ll never know how far Tommy Massimo would have gone if he was allowed to get ahold of Trump on the stage. One thing is clear though, his ridiculous punishment and the special treatment he was given by CNN will certainly not dissuade the next radical from attempting to harm Trump at one of his public events.

Here is a screen grab that shows DiMassimo as one of the co-writers of the “Red Black and Blue” video. Although we can’t prove it, given his flair for drama, it is highly likely DiMassimo is one of the actors in the violent cop and white-hating film:



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