A Tampa, Florida man is in custody after leading police to a grizzly homicide. He was initially arrested for threatening people with a gun then spoke out about killing two people. It turns out the two people were his roommates:

Police officers first made contact with the suspect, 18-year-old Devon Arthurs, who was armed at the time. The suspect was taken into custody without incident.

While in custody, Arthurs made comments to the officers that he killed two people, reportedly because they ‘disrespected’ his Islamic faith.

The suspect directed the officers to a home inside The Hamptons Condominium, located at 15350 Amberly Drive. Officers entered the residence and located two deceased male victims.

ABC Action news reported: When detectives interviewed Arthurs and asked why he did it, he told them that his roommates shared “a common neo-Nazi belief,” until Arthurs converted to Islam. He told the detectives that the two roommates disrespected his Muslim faith. He also told police that he had become angered by what he described as the world’s anti-Muslim sentiment and wanted to bring attention to his cause.

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The media has ignored this clear case of terror. This man killed two people for their “disbelief” in Islam!

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