We shared our “Game Changer” story with you earlier this week, after a new video emerged allowing a more clear picture of the student physically attacking the school cop assigned to removing her from class.

Now in a surprising turn of events (which will certainly be a huge disappointment to the leftist media and George Soros funded Black Lives Matter terrorist organization), the students are fighting back against a manufactured media event created to promote more cop hate and racial division in America.

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Students wore T-shirts that said “#BringBackFields” or “Free Fields.”

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“He was a great guy,” student London Harrell told local WISTV. “He protected us and everything. He was our school resource officer. We always could depend on him and everything. Every time I saw him, he was always joking around with people. It was never like ‘Oh, I’m about to body slam you.’”

Principal Jeff Temoney said none of the students would be suspended if they returned to class.

“We’ve heard your voices, okay,” Temoney said according to WISTV. “We appreciate you taking time to do this, but again, as you know, we always focus on teaching and learning, so let’s head on back to class.”


Principal Temoney released a statement several hours later about the walkout, which said students and staff were safe during the protest.

Fields, who is white, was recorded on cell phone video using force on an African-American student during a school discipline incident. When shared on social media, the footage caused national outrage on the use of force in schools and by school resource officers. Fields was fired on Wednesday. Via: RT

Here is how the original story was presented to the public:

Here is how we responded when a student reluctantly shared their video with others which allowed the other side of the story to be told. Click HERE for the other side of the story.

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