A violent confrontation between protesters erupted on June 15, in Albuquerque, NM over attempts by radical leftist to remove a statue of Juan de Oñate from a public space.

A video that was allegedly taken at the scene, shows a group of protesters attempting to destroy the public statue with chains and what appears to be a pickaxe.

The videos below are out of sequence, but the video below shows the protesters attempting to destroy the statue when there are four popping sounds that appear to be gunshots. The protesters, who are pulling on a rope, stop and look in the same direction. In the next video, one of the men who appear to be a member of the New Mexico Civil Guard is administering first aid to the protester who was shot.

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Here’s another view of the confrontation that unfolded. Unfortunately, this video wasn’t released until yesterday afternoon after the media and several public officials had already defined the narrative. The new video shows protesters tearing down the statue, while the alleged shooter, 31-yr-old Albuquerque resident, Steven Baca, is standing nearby. Suddenly, a man dressed in all black and wearing a black ski-mask (Antifa?) slams a skateboard across the upper portion of the man in the bright blue shirt’s body. As the Baca, who is wearing a bright blue shirt, attempts to run away, he’s attacked by the mob, is chased down and beaten. Steven Baca then appears to opens fire on the attackers in possible self-defense.  (***Warning****video is graphic)

The man dressed all in black, who was shot several times in the torso, has been identified as 39-year-old Scott Williams.

According to the New York Post, Williams was shot several times in the torso. He was in critical but stable condition at the University of New Mexico Hospital.

A lawyer for the victim’s family said Williams has “devoted his life to seeking equality and justice for all.”

“When Steven Baca repeatedly attacked peaceful protestors in Albuquerque last night, Scott took bullets for the community he cares about,” Laura Schauer Ives said in a statement.

There was no mention by Williams attorney of the weapon or weapons his client was wielding, as he appeared to be threatening Baca during the mob attack on him when the shooting took place.


Another video that was released late in the afternoon yesterday, shows Baca, the alleged shooter being chased down, attacked and beaten by a group of at least three thugs dressed in typical (all-black) Antifa gear.

Another Twitter user responds to the video with a photo showing a close up of one of the protesters (Antifa?) holding what appears to be a knife or some sort of tool in one hand and a knife sheath or a second knife in the other hand. It’s also possible he’s holding two knives in his hands.

The man who appears to be holding some sort of weapon or weapons in his hand is dressed like a member of the Antifa terror group, wearing all black with a black bandana covering his face.

Elected officials and mainstream media outlets quickly condemned the shooter. Without having all of the details surrounding the shooting, Democrat Senator Tom Udall (NM) tweeted his condemnation of the shooter, saying: “There is absolutely no excuse for an armed, so-called ‘militia’ group to cause violence and escalation in our community.”

MSNBC interviewed New Mexico’s Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham said they are “incredibly horrified and disturbed” by the incident, as she tried to tie race and gun-control to the event. In spite of efforts by leftists on social media to tie Steven Baca to the New Mexico Civil Guard Militia, the NM Civil Guard has made it clear that the shooter is not tied to their group. Their statement didn’t stop Mexico’s far-left Democrat governor from accusing the shooter of being tied to the group, saying her citizen’s constitutional rights are being violated by armed men and women whose only purpose is to create havoc at these events.”

Governor Grisham continued with more unfounded and ignorant remarks, as she attempted to blame law enforcement for allowing armed militia members to stand near protesters who were openly destroying public property, “I fear that we have some folks in our law enforcement entities who I think have promoted, potentially, the efforts of this militia. And we intend to independently investigate that and determine exactly what’s going on,” she said.

“And no doubt the militia played a violent role in what occurred,” Governor Grisham told the MSNBC host Chris Hayes, adding that they will do something about it.

In the video below, an unidentified member of the New Mexico Civil Guard militia group confirms that despite the Democrat governor’s claims, Steven Baca is not a part of their group.

The MN Civil Guard member talked to KOB News – “The crowd got violent. It’s the most hateful people I’ve seen,” said a member of the New Mexico Civil Guard, who did not want to be identified. “They like to call it a peaceful protest but there was nothing peaceful about it.”

As people put chains around the Oñate, the New Mexico Civil Guard stepped in.

“And so we interposed ourselves because the mob at that point – it was no longer a peaceful protest – it was a mob,” he said.

The far-left Raw Story, wrote an article about the alleged shooter, attempting to tie him to President Trump.

The Raw Story article includes a number of links to videos, the first video they provide for their readers is not available for public viewing, the Facebook video that allegedly shows the entire scene has been deleted, and none of the videos they share in their article about the “Trump-supporting” shooter, show the chase and attack on Steven Baca that led to the shooting of the alleged knife-wielding attacker.

The New Mexico GOP also jumped on the condemnation wagon. They have since retracted their statement and are waiting for the results of the police investigation before making any further comments.

One honest journalist reported about the shooting incident:

Two days after event occurred, Reuters published a short blurb about the charges being dropped against Steven Baca.

Shooting charge dropped against suspected New Mexico shooter

(Reuters) – A New Mexico prosecutor on Wednesday dropped a shooting charge against an Albuquerque man suspected of shooting a protester and called for further investigations after allegations the protester was armed at the time he was shot.

The story of Steven Baca shooting the knife-wielding protester (Antifa?) has all the makings of a great Covington Catholic-style story—an innocent protester shot by an armed, alleged militia member. Unfortunately for our biased media, that’s not what really happened and fortunately, for Steven Baca, there’s video evidence that potentially disproves their claim.

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