It’s Thursday, July 20th. As of today, Donald Trump has been president for 6 months. The media coverage of the president is overwhelmingly negative: the press remains contemptuous, and they’re pushing to get him out before he completes his first term.

Investors might think differently. The great success of the Trump presidency thus far, is not what he’s done, but what he promises to do, namely, get the economy going again. Evidently, investors believe he might yet get it done.

Look at this: since his election win, the Trump rally has added $4.1 trillion to the nation’s wealth. Anyone with a 401k, an IRA, college savings, retirement savings, mutual funds. Anyone with a dime in the market has taken a piece of that $4 trillion. – Fox News

While President Trump has been incredibly busy working with American businesses and cutting trade deals with foreign leaders to benefit American businesses and workers, the media intentionally ignores his accomplishments, and focuses instead, on a manufactured Russian-collusion story.  Compare President Trump’s first successful 6 months in office to those of media darling Barack Obama:

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From siding with terrorists hell-bent on destroying Israel, to ensuring federal funds could be used for abortion, to adding 17,000 more troops to a war Obama promised he would end, the first 2 months of Obama’s presidency were about as anti-American as our nation has ever seen.  

Wasn’t anyone in the media just a tad bit curious about Barack Obama’s first act as our newly sworn in president, that placed a temporary halt on the trials for terrorists at Guantanamo Bay?

20 January 2009 – Obama is sworn in as the 44th president of the US

– Hours after taking office, Obama requests a temporary halt to Guantánamo Bay trials.

21 January – Hillary Clinton is confirmed as secretary of state.

22 January – The president brings in executive orders aimed at reforming the US’s detention policy. He orders the closure of “black sites”, where CIA and European security services have interrogated terrorist suspects. He also orders interrogations of detainees across the entire US intelligence community to adhere to the US Army Field Manual and orders the closure of the Guantánamo Bay prison within 12 months.

23 January- Obama orders the end of the “Mexico City Rule” which had banned federal funding of NGOs that performed abortions or offered abortion counselling. It is strongly criticised by the Vatican.

26 January – Obama outlines his energy policy, saying America must become more self-sufficient and calling for an “energy economy” to create jobs. He said the US should not be a “hostage to dwindling resources, hostile regimes, and a warming planet”.

27 January – In his first TV interview, to the al-Arabiya network, Obama spoke of improved relations with the Middle East. On Israel, he reiterated US support but said: “I do believe the moment is ripe for both sides to realise that the path that they are on is one that is not going to result in prosperity and security for their people. And that instead, it’s time to return to the negotiating table.” 

29 January – Obama signs his first bill into law, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. The law ends a 2007 Supreme Court decision that said workers had only 180 days to file a pay discrimination lawsuit.

5 February – The last terror trial at Guantánamo Bay is halted after the judge dropped charges against a suspect in the bombing of the USS Cole in 2000.

17 February – In Denver, Colorado, Obama signs into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, aimed at rescuing the economy.

WSJ “The $830 billion spending blowout was sold by the White House as a way to keep unemployment from rising above 8%. But the stimulus would fail on its own terms. 2009 marked the first of four straight years when unemployment averaged more than 8%. And of course the unemployment rate would have been even worse in those years and still today if so many people had not quit the labor force, driving labor-participation rates to 1970s levels.”

Given that Governments are generally the worst allocators of capital it should come as no real surprise that the money was squandered on non-productive investments.

“$783,000 was spent on a study of why young people consume malt liquor and marijuana. $92,000 went to the Army Corps of Engineers for costumes for mascots like Bobber the Water Safety Dog. $219,000 funded a study of college ‘hookups.'”

17 February – Obama approves the sending of 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan.

26 February – Obama submits to Congress a 140-page summary of his proposed budget for the next fiscal year. The budget restates his commitment to halve the federal deficit, and commits $630bn over the next 10 years to the reform of the health care system.

27 February – In a speech at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina the President reaffirms his commitment to withdraw US troops from Iraq by the end of August 2010.

3 March – Russia reveals it is considering an implied offer made by Obama last month to drop the US European missile defence plan in return for Russian assistance with Iran. Obama later denies the offer was made, though admits he sent the letter.

By the third month of Donald Trump’s presidency, the media was in full-frenzy mode over manufactured ties to President Trump and alleged hacking into our elections by the Russians. Every day, a new “unnamed source” was revealed an “unverified fact” about how Donald Trump or his administration was “allegedly” tied to Russian interference in our elections that the press believed ultimately led to Hillary Clinton’s loss.  

In his third anti-American month as president, the most the media could dig up on Barack Obama, was that his hair was turning grey. 

5 March – Newspapers and blogs in the US are abuzz over the possibility that Obama’s hair is already turning grey.

9 March
– The president removes restrictions on funding for stem cell research and a memorandum to protect science from political interference, reversing the Bush administration’s strict policy.

Barack Obama was only the President of the United States for 3 months (exactly) when he began to cozy up to Iran. At 3 months, he also began his quest to be the entertainment president, or the president who had the closest relationship to Hollywood liberals and hypocrites: 

20 March
President Obama releases an historic video message for all those celebrating Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, speaking directly to the leaders of Iran.

– Obama appears on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the first time that a sitting president has appeared as a guest on a late-night talk show. Commenting on his bowling ability he joked “it was like the Special Olympics, or something”. He apologises to Tim Shriver, chairman of the Special Olympics, before the programme is broadcast.

24 March – Obama publishes an op-ed piece in 30 global newspapers simultaneously, discussing the economic crisis.

27 March – Obama announces a new approach to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Obama famously shook the hand of brutal dictator Hugo Chavez in the month of April. The same month marked the beginning of 8 long years of Obama ignoring the North Korean nuclear threat. It was also Obama’s first underreported meeting with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev. One of the most reported news stories of the Obama presidency however, happened in April, when the Obama’s purchased a dog for their daughters. 

1 April – Obama holds a meeting with Russian president Dmitry Medvedev, looking to thaw relations.

No mention was made by the media of Russian collusion or who was in the meeting with Obama and the Russian president. 


5 April – Hours after North Korea launched a satellite many think was a cover for missile testing, Obama speaks about an end to nuclear arms in Prague. It was his first big foreign policy speech.

Obama would continue to ignore the threat posed by North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un for the remainder of his presidency, leaving President Trump to deal with a much more dangerous and developed nuclear North Korea 8 years later. 

Obama made his first public proclamation that we are not at war with Islam on April 6th:

6 April – Obama speaks to the Turkish parliament, saying the US is not fighting against Islam.

7 April – Obama makes a surprise visit to troops at Camp Victory near Baghdad. In his speech he says it is time to hand over control of the country to the Iraqis, who must make political concessions first.

13 April – The Obama children get their promised puppy, a six-month-old Portuguese water dog called Bo.

On April 6th, Obama attempts to discredit and humiliate the Bush administration. Meanwhile, George W. Bush has quietly slipped into retirement.

16 April – The president releases memos from the Bush era detailing torture methods used by the CIA; he says agents involved would not be prosecuted. Dick Cheney has since defended the methods.

18 April – Obama addresses the Summit of the Americas at the opening ceremony in Trinidad and Tobago. While there he controversially shakes hands with Venezuela leader Hugo Chávez, who gives him a copy of Open Veins of Latin America.

30 April – Obama rejects waterboarding as a legitimate form of interrogation.

10 May – Obama plays it for laughs at the annual White House correspondents’ dinner, making a swine flu joke about Hillary Clinton and alluding to the time Dick Cheney accidentally shot his hunting buddy. Ashton Kutcher tweeted (external site) from the front row.

13 May – Obama blocks the release of photographs showing torture of prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan.

17 May- Obama is heckled by anti-abortion campaigners during a speech at the Catholic Notre Dame university, Indiana. The president discussed abortion during the speech.

20 May – Obama announces a strict new auto emissions policy aimed at getting greener cars on the road.

21 May – In an address at the National Archives in Washington, Obama says he remains determined to close Guantanamo and condemns torture interrogation techniques, a day after the Senate rejected the funding bill for the closure of the detention centre. Former vice president Dick Cheney disagreed.

2 June – General Motors, the US’s biggest carmaker, files for bankruptcy, the biggest manufacturing collapse in US history. Obama’s restructuring plan will see the US government owning 60%.

3 June – Obama begins a tour of the Middle East aimed at reviving peace negotiations and improving America’s standing in the region. He will visit Saudi Arabia and Egypt, before travelling on to Germany and then France, for D-Day events.

16 June – The president calls on North Korea to halt its quest for nuclear weapons.

17 June
– Obama announces an extension of health benefits to cover partners of gay federal workers.

18 June – The president is criticised by animal rights group Peta for swatting a fly during an interview.

23 June – Obama condemns Iran’s reaction to protests against the disputed election there.

27 June – Obama’s historic climate change bill is passed by Congress.

In July, Obama went to Russia to meet with the president for the second time in his first 6 months in office. The media never uttered a word about potential collusion by “unnamed sources.” July also marked the beginning of Obama’s quest to force single payer health care on Americans that eventually led to the failed Obamacare that President Trump and the Republican led Congress is now responsible for repealing and replacing. Finally, the last day of Obama’s 6 moths in office (July 31, 2009) will forever be known as the official start of Obama’s race war on America: 

6 July – Obama heads to Moscow for talks with Dmitry Medvedev, which will include discussions on how to reduce their nuclear weapons stockpiles.

9 July – Obama attends the G8 summit in Italy, meeting the Pope and Muammar Gaddafi among others.

21 July – Obama launches his campaign to overhaul the US healthcare system.

22 July – Obama meets Iraqi president Nouri al-Maliki and confirms his intention to remove all US troops from Iraq by the end of 2010.

27 July – A team of senior US officials visit Israel to negotiate for an end to Jewish settlements.

31 July – Obama enjoys a beer with black Harvard professor Henry Gates and the white police officer who arrested him on suspicion of breaking into his own home, in an attempt to end the race row brewing over the incident.

Obama First 6 months timeline via –The Guardian

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