Melissa Zimdars has taken it upon herself to become the ultimate authority on which news websites are, “False, Misleading, Clickbait-y, and/or Satirical “News” Source. On November 14, Zimdars posted a list of scary conservative websites that, “shouldn’t be trusted” on her Facebook page. As one would expect, the safe spaces, crybaby, #HesNotMyPresident crowd jumped on this list as a way to discredit the very sources who helped expose Hillary Clinton and her web of lies leading up to the election. There is no question that conservative websites and conservative social media accounts played a large part in the outcome of the election by offering Americans an alternative to the Trump bashing, pro-Hillary mainstream media. The only problem is, that her list, (or some variation of the same list), has been circulating around Facebook for over a year. In other words, there is nothing original or unique about her conservative website “hit list”. Since our website starts with a number, we were unfortunately placed at the top of the list. That was also the case over one year ago when this “list” first surfaced on Facebook.  
According to her Facebook page, Melissa Zimdars is an Assistant Professor in comm/media studies at Merrimack College. According to her Twitter profile, Zimbars earned a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa, she is a TV lover, a feminist, and oh yeah…A SELF-DESCRIBED “ACTIVIST”.

Approximately one year ago, my business partner sent me a screen shot of a list of “phony” or “not to be trusted” websites  that was going around Facebook. Our website (, along with several other conservative websites like Breitbart, IJ Review, Infowars, Biz Pac Review and The Blaze were included on this list. Most of the websites listed had a considerable amount of traffic and cumulatively reach hundreds of millions of readers. I told her to ignore it, that it was clearly created by some leftist organization who was trying to discredit conservative websites. One year later, a list that has striking similarities has been revived. This time however, the list has been amended to include ONE liberal website, “Occupy Democrats” and has a new author, Melissa Zimdars. After all, a list of 90 “phony” or “misleading” websites wouldn’t be legitimate if at least one of them wasn’t a liberal site…right?

While some of the websites on the list are fake and should be called out as such, there are WAY more legitimate conservative sites on this list who work very hard to vet their sources and to bring their readers truthful news they won’t find in the mainstream media. After the election results came in, many on the Left were inconsolable and were lashing out at conservative news sites as the reason Hillary lost. It didn’t take long for the Left to realize they had finally met their match with driven conservatives who were not going to roll over and let the Left drive the narrative this time around. Thus the list by Leftist activist Melissa Zimdars, that is being used to discredit many of us who take our jobs very seriously, and are doing all that we can to fight back against a biased media complex.

We were curious about Melissa and her political leanings. Could this list have anything to do with wanting to “pay back” the sites who helped to topple Hillary? We did a little research on Melissa and found that her Twitter account is on lock-down. We found this to be slightly ironic considering she appears to be all about transparency.  Thanks to Way Back Time Machine, we were able to find out a little bit about Melissa:


Melissa is a follower of The Radical “Chicago Rising” and “The End Of Protest” who describes their group as “A new playbook for revolution by Micah White, co-creator of Occupy Wall Street: 


Melissa is big fan of Black Lives Matter, and was helping to promote the BLM march that threatened the safety and security of many innocent people in Chicago:



Here’s the real reason why Zimdar likely has her Twitter account on lockdown. She wouldn’t want to let everyone know she just published a list of conservative sites that she suggests, “should never be trusted” and allow her hatred for Donald Trump to be exposed at the same time. Besides her hatred for Trump and Karl Rove (see below), she apparently gets “goosebumps” when she hears Bernie Sanders’ name. I know what you’re thinking…She’s sounding more “objective” all the time…right?


Melissa retweeted Hillary’s angry tweet about Trump:


She’s no fan of Dr. Ben Carson and his belief that the government shouldn’t be able to force employers to pay an arbitrary minimum wage:


Melissa’s story became popular after she posted it to her Facebook page, which should come as no surprise given the “friends” who are actively suggesting names of other conservative sites they detest that  Melissa needs to add to the her list. 


Even though Breitbart is on her “list”, Zimdar’s friend asks her, “Where’s Brietbart?”


Other friends want to know how they can submit conservative sites that can be added to her list:


And of course, what kind of conservative media “hit list” would be complete without Fox News? This friend suggests she needs to put FOX News at the “top” of the list:


This Hillary supporter tells Zimdar she’d like to use this list as a teaching tool in her class:


Just another liberal agitator who plans to use this list to teach her students about honest journalism.



Here is Zimdar admitting that not every site is always unreliable, that some, “waffle back and forth”. But what the heck…she’ll leave them there anyhow:



As soon as we discovered Zimdars bogus “list” we immediately sent her a message telling her to remove our name from this list. We have always been, and will always continue to be very careful about what we publish on our website. We have yet to get a response from Zimdars.
As Google and Facebook announce they will be “cracking down” on “phony” websites, we should all be concerned with who is making the decisions about who is and isn’t a “legitimate” news source. While we agree that nobody wants to fooled by phony information or outright lies they find on the internet, that is not, and will never be who we are. We are two mom’s who work 12 hours every day, 7 days a week to bring the truth to our readers and we will not allow some leftist hack to destroy all that we have worked so hard to create. We have literally been contacted by hundreds of loyal readers who are upset by our name showing up on this list. We have contacted a lawyer and plan to pursue charges against this lone-wolf radical who has slandered our good name and we will not rest until her agenda is exposed. -Patty









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