More bad news for Lyin’ Loretta or Lyin’ Lizzie, depending upon who Obama’s former AG (the chief law enforcement officer and chief lawyer of the United States government) decided she needed to be on any given day.

So much for Obama’s “most transparent government ever”…LOL!

On Friday internet sleuth Kim Dotcom dropped a bomb on Twitter.

Kim posted an email Friday showing Loretta Lynch using an alias to contact DOJ officials.

Yesterday, we reported about the new DOJ emails that were released to the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) as part of an ongoing investigation into the secret meeting between former AG Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton, whose wife Hillary Clinton, was under investigation by the FBI at the time of the meeting.

One of those emails reveals that Obama’s crooked AG Loretta Lynch, was hiding her name, and using her grandmother’s name (Elizabeth Carlisle) as an alias:

Melanie Newman from the Department of Justice leaked it in the email.
And— AG Lynch (Elizabeth Carlisle) then responded with a “thanks to all who worked on this.”

Here is Kim DotCom’s tweet:

Here’s another example of an email where Lyin’ Lynch used her grandmother’s name:

Now this…
Reddit The Donald users discovered that Loretta Lynch used her grandmother’s maiden name “Lizzie Carlisle” as her alias.

Loretta’s grandmother’s name is Lizzie Carlisle Harris.
Loretta’s mother’s name is Lorine Harris Lynch.

Here is her grandmother’s death certificate.

h/t Gateway Pundit 

As it turns out, Lyin’ Loretta wasn’t the Obama’s only AG to use an alias while conducting government business. According to Buzzfeed investigative reporter Jason Leopold, Obama’s first crooked AG Eric Holder also used the alias “Lew Alcindor” in his official government capacity:


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