Republican candidates for the 2022 midterms are forming an America First P.A.C.T to combat Biden’s regime and radical leftism

The America First P.A.C.T, founded by Washington’s 4th district Republican congressional candidate Corey Gibson, aims to be the antidote to radical leftism in America. Their goal is to bring about a consensus among Republican candidates to “save America” from a “radical Biden agenda.”

Corey Gibson/ America First P.A.C.T

“We’re essentially the anti-‘Squad,'” he said. “We’re a pact of first-time candidates and political outsiders who want what’s best for America and are united around that common cause.”

P.A.C.T stands for “Protecting America’s Constitution and Traditions” and focuses on individual freedom and liberties, hoping to restore America’s role as a beacon of freedom on the global stage.

Gibson also says that, while President Trump started the America First movement, the movement is not and cannot be entirely about President Trump. As such, he wants to expand the movement to be more policy-based and less “personality”-based.

Gibson is also openly gay as a candidate and resents the left’s association of America First with homophobia, racism, and sexism, which he says stem from a misunderstanding of what America First is.

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The P.A.C.T’s co-founder, Dewayne McClure, wants to reform the Republican Party into one more focused on liberty and America First values.

“My goal with the P.A.C.T. is to make it a powerhouse of force within the Republican Party and within the country. Our goal has been very simple, which is to fundamentally change the DNA of the Republican Party,” he stated. “Basically, we’re tired. We’re tired of being a party of losers and capitulations that don’t know how to play offense.”

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McClure is biracial and shows some enthusiasm for the diversity within the America First movement, which includes both white and black, male and female, gay and straight, and immigrant and domestic candidates.

The America First P.A.C.T hopes to change the Republican Party by diminishing the power of establishment types and invigorating it with young, like-minded conservative outsiders in Congress.

We also see Senate Candidate outsiders such as Ohio’s J.D. Vance and Arizona’s Blake Masters, neither of whom are affiliated with the P.A.C.T, who have garnered support and attention for energizing an America-First base.

When people like Corey Gibson or Blake Masters say that “America First” is the future, or that it isn’t going away, they may be onto something.

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