Have you heard of people who call themselves “DINKS”?

Not a great name, if you ask me.

But the name is far from the worst part.

Wait till you get to know them, they seem….awful.

That’s just my opinion, maybe you think it’s something to aspire to, I’m not sure.

DINK stands for “Dual Income, No Kids”.

Charming, right?

Now I realize there are people who want kids and can’t have them, and that’s a tragic situation.

That’s not what we’re talking about here.

These are people who, to satisfy all their own selfish and carnal desires, have elected to not have kids and just live like kids their whole life.

This video I’m about to show you is a bit nauseating if you ask me, but see what you think:


Here’s more:

“DINKS” is an acronym that stands for “Double Income, No Kids.” It describes a household where there are two adults, typically a couple, who are both earning an income and do not have any children. This term is often used in the context of marketing, economics, and demographic studies to categorize a specific consumer segment that might have more disposable income and different spending patterns compared to families with children or single-income households. The DINK lifestyle can allow for greater financial freedom and flexibility, often leading to different lifestyle choices, such as travel, entertainment, and luxury goods.

The “DINKS” are not being received all that well on Twitter….

“Hedonistic Nihilism” seems a very good description:

Just like the trans movement, I suspect there will be massive regret in a few decades:

And a great post here by Nate:

But what do you think?

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