The Freshman Democrat congresswomen from California stunned CNN’s Poppy Harlow when she seemed to be asking an innocuous question, that every good, Trump-hating Democrat should answer the same way, right? But, oops…Rep. Katie Hill, the daughter of Republican parents, who also comes from a family of law enforcement officers, didn’t quite answer Poppy’s question the way she expected.

CNN’s Poppy Harlow asked a question that was meant to confirm that Democrats won’t budge on their opposition to Trump’s border wall: “How can the White House, the Republicans, believe that you one thousand percent that you’re going to give any money on the wall—when the Pres…I mean—Nancy Pelosi herself, said, “No—zero dollars for the wall”? Harlow asked, “Do you think Democrats should give any money to the wall?”

Harlow couldn’t hide the disgust on her face when Rep. Katie Hill responded by changing the subject to what the wall will be called. As she attempted to rephrase the conversation with a focus on the name of the physical barrier between Mexico and the US.

Rep. Hill responded to Harlow, “It’s a high priority for my district. You know— like you said, I come from a Republican family, a law enforcement family. We understand the need for border security.”

Poppy pushed on, reminding the Freshman Congresswoman that one-third of her constituents are federal workers, and are being affected by the partial government shutdown.

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Harlow desperately wanted clarification about whether or not Rep. HIll would vote to support funding for Trump’s wall, saying: “Call it steel slats then if you will, in areas where there aren’t any natural barriers. Call it what you want. Will you, as a Democrat vote for any funding for that?

“I am definitely someone that will vote for a comprehensive border security package, that includes immigration reform” Hill responded.

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Harlow interrupted, demanding that Hill tell her if she’s going to cross Nancy Pelosi and vote to fund Trump’s wall: “But is that—Congresswoman, I just want a straight answer here. Will you vote for any money for a steel barrier?”

Rep. Hill responded by saying she would vote for a physical barrier on the border: “I mean, I will definitely—I don’t know if it will be steel. I will vote for some money for physical barriers. It’s not gonna be across the entire two thousand mile stretch, and it’s certainly not gonna be a concrete wall, but it will be part of a package. I can almost bet on it.”


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