Hate mongers, artist Karen Fiortio and wealthy Phoenix developer and artist, Beatrice Moore have taken their disrespect for our new president to a new level. President Trump has been in office for exactly 2 months. He’s had meetings with black college presidents and Latino leaders to address their specific concerns as it relates to education and business opportunities for minorities. His daughter Ivanka has been tasked with working on women’s issues and his secretary of education has been tasked with making education great for everyone in America, with emphasis on giving inner-city kids a quality education through school choice.  Trump has done more to actually address issues Democrats only promised their party they’d deal with during his two short months in office than Obama did in his 8 years. Yet these two angry liberals, so driven by hate and a misguided belief that liberals actually care about those less fortunate, felt compelled to plaster a giant billboard by the side of a highway comparing our new president to one of the worst genocidal maniacs of our time…

A menacing Donald Trump is gazing down on Phoenix’s Grand Avenue.

The president is flanked by mushroom clouds and swastikas configured like dollar signs.

“I think a lot of people are feeling this way and I’m just trying to express what I think is on a lot of people’s minds these days,” the billboard’s artist, Karen Fiorito, said Friday in an interview from her California home.

“Something that really concerned us was this idea of a dictatorship where things were going in a certain direction.”

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The billboard art was commissioned by the billboard owner, Beatrice Moore, a longtime patron of the arts on Grand Avenue.
“Some of these issues are so important you can’t not speak out,” Moore said in an interview.

The Trump billboard went up Friday at 11th Avenue and Grand, to coincide with the start of the annual three-day Art Detour event in downtown Phoenix. Moore said it would remain up as long as Trump is president.

Grand Avenue arts maven Beatrice Moore wrote, “Fascism always provokes good art; artists created some of the best art of the 20th century as a result of Hitler…”

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Were Moore’s remarks about Hitler what inspired this hateful billboard?

trump billboard

This isn’t the first time Fiorito and Moore put up controversial billboard art.

In 2004, Fiorito created a billboard of President George W. Bush and top government officials for her master of fine arts thesis on political propaganda at Arizona State University.

“Dear America,” the billboard said, “we lied to you for your own good. Now trust us.”

Moore and Fiorito did expect blowback from Trump supporters.
Fiorito said she has received death threats over the Trump billboard.

“A lot of hate. Things have gotten a lot more escalated now,” she said.

“I just hope that everyone involved in helping bring this message out is safe and that we all get through this unharmed,” Fiorita said. – 12 News


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