We’re not huge fans of MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle but we love how she beat liberal mega-donor Tom Steyer to a pulp in the interview below:

Steyer is spending $100 million to get Democrats elected in November and to impeach President Trump! He was asked by Ruhle about the Trump economic successes and tried his best to downplay them…With no luck! Steyer is a clown who claims President Trump has met grounds for impeachment the moment he walked into office. This guy needs to get out of his bubble and check in with reality. Trump is doing a fantastic job!

It’s disturbing that Steyer and Soros are pouring millions into races across America so they can help the Democrats take back the house. Wasn’t it the Democrats who wanted to get big money out of politics? They also said to win “by any means necessary”

TUCKER CARLSON’S TAKE ON THIS EFFORT: “They’ve wanted to impeach Trump since the day he took office.”

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“I believe you could argue that it’s immoral to cheat on your wife but you guys don’t believe in marriage so you’re not going to argue that.” LOL!

TRANSCRIPT FROM TUCKER CARLSON ON THE LEFT’S ATTEMPTS TO DESTROY PRESIDENT TRUMP: One of the benefits of living for a while is you get to see how the story ends. It sometimes is a little depressing.

If you are over 40, you probably remember Robert Reich. He was Bill Clinton’s Labor Secretary. He was a liberal among moderates in that administration, but a thoughtful and engaging person. His views weren’t mainstream, but he certainly wasn’t stupid or a hater.

Well, that was all before Trump. Like a lot of people in our ruling class, Robert Reich is now a completely different person. Just the other day, Reich wrote that the entire Trump presidency ought to be annulled. Not just ended prematurely, that’s no longer radical enough, but erased from history, forgotten by decree.

America must reset to the first Monday in November 2016 like none of it ever happened. We have to retroactively Photoshop an awful lot of pictures. But according to Reich, it’s the only remedy.

Reality isn’t tolerable, it should be banned. Reich was dead serious apparently. Keep in mind that 20 years ago, people considered him impressive. Some still do, which tells you a lot about the state of our intellectual leaders.

People still defend John Brennan too, even after he revealed on television that there’s something seriously wrong with him. Officials who run the CIA ought to be sober and reasonable and even-tempered.

It’s too powerful a job, with too little oversight, and too little accountability for a wacko. That would be dangerous for the country. And yet, over the weekend, there was Brennan once again charging a political opponent with a death penalty offense on the basis of zero evidence.

Things are accelerating fast. Trump is a racist, became Trump as a traitor, which has now become Trump as a non-person who must be erased from our collective memory. The Left is officially out of epithets. All that’s left is physical harm. Who will be the first to call for that; it feels inevitable at this point.


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