Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have done it again. They’ve managed to get themselves in the spotlight so they can complain about their terrible misfortunes while promoting their contrived holier-than-thou image.

In the new Netflix docuseries ‘Harry and Meghan,’ the couple seems to have finally gotten the attention they have been craving from the beginning of all their nonsense. Although they have had many opportunities (take Oprah, for example) to cry about all the ways they have been met with misfortune, they are touting their series as their first chance to tell their story to the world.

Meghan and Harry supposedly moved to the US and away from the Royal Family lifestyle for privacy, yet here they are on a documentary sharing their intimate and personal details, all while somehow consumed by self-pity for their lack of privacy. None of it makes any sense, and the show’s critics have picked up on its ridiculousness.

The Hollywood Reporter put out a scathing review of the show, saying it “takes a lot of time to reveal very little.”

Variety reviewed the docuseries, concluding that it surprised them “with just how arrow their vision of their fame is, how pinched and unimaginative their presence on the world stage has become.”

The news outlet also bashed the series for not giving the audience anything they hadn’t already heard before, as the couple complains about the same things over and over again.

The Wall Street Journal labeled the documentary a “Royal Pity Party,” saying that “a viewer really has to be on board the royal soap-opera bus not to be bored out of one’s mind.”

The New York Post called the show a “hypocritical attention grab” and “a big snooze,” adding, “The majority of this is nothing new to those who haven’t been living under a rock.”

The Post also slammed the documentary for spending so much time talking about the couple’s relationship to the royal family and the media, which literally everyone already knows. The Post says, “These segments feel like they exist just to give. it a more academic air, and stave off allegations that this is a hypocritical reality show.”

Social media users had a lot to say about the documentary as well.

Political broadcaster and journalist Sophie Corcoran tweeted,

“Dear Meghan markle,

You are a duchess, you are a millionaire, you are insanely privileged.

You are not oppressed. You live a much better life than the brits you trash and who you claim oppress you.

Get over yourself, Sincerely, Britain.”

Radio host Larry Elder also had something to say about the series:

“So let me get this straight. Harry and Meghan, who relocated to America over concerns about lack of privacy, have launched a Netflix series sharing ‘private’ text messages, photos from dates, video diaries and clips of their son. Got it.”

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