Megyn Kelly was a fan favorite with conservatives when she hosted her top-rated nighttime show on Fox News. Her popularity dropped like a lead balloon, however, when Kelly started a war with then-candidate for president, Donald J. Trump, during his first Republican debate performance on August 6, 2015.

In what appeared to be a personal beef with the wildly popular Republican candidate for President, Megyn Kelly confused and startled many of her supporters when she attacked President Trump over remarks he allegedly made about women. Trump set the record straight with Kelly, saying, “Only Rosie O’Donnell.” Kelly continued, unabated, calling him “part of the war on women.” Trump responded by telling her that one of the biggest problems we have in America is “political correctness.” The audience went wild, showing their support for Trump.

In January 2017, Megyn Kelly left Fox News where she was making a whopping $15 million per year, for NBC, who allegedly offered her an estimated $18 million, making her potentially the highest-paid female anchor in history. Less than a year after she was hired, Kelly was fired by NBC in one of the network’s costliest mistakes. Megyn Kelly is allegedly looking to get back to work in the news business.

On Monday night, during a discussion about CNN’s Mark Zucker’s time at NBC, Tucker Carlson announced that Megyn Kelly would be appearing on his “Tucker Carlson Tonight” show on Wednesday night.

“Wednesday night, two nights from now, someone who knows an awful lot about NBC and is making her first TV appearance since parting ways with that channel nearly a year ago. Megyn Kelly will join us as a guest on this program for her first interview. She’s got a lot to say,” Carlson told his viewers, “and we hope you’ll watch.”

Last night, Megyn Kelly joined Tucker Carlson, where she talked about NBC bias in their coverage of the news and how they allegedly covered up sexual abuse allegations before and after she was employed by them. Tucker Carlson suggested Megyn Kelly was fired for covering the cover-up. “Was it political?” Megyn asked about the covering-up of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse as well as the Matt Lauer bombshell case.

Tucker and Megyn also discussed partisan interference in an election, and how the media’s attacks on Trump have gone from “passive to aggressive.” Ironically, Megyn Kelly lost her audience for attempting to bring down Trump’s candidacy during the Fox News debate, over comments he made to women, mostly to the anti-Trump comedian, Rosie O’Donnell.

Tucker asked Megyn what she’s learned since leaving NBC. Megyn laughed, saying she’s learned, “nothing,” and then explained how she left Fox News to be part of her kid’s lives, saying “there’s no substitute for that.” She also told him she will “get back on that horse,” when it’s appropriate.


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