NBC host Megyn Kelly must be really desperate for guests to have on her new show. She just had on the woman who behaved like a child when she flipped off President Trump’s motorcade.  This woman was fired from her job for this and has already gotten way too much attention…Her 15 minutes of fame should be up now!

The unbelievable part of the interview with Juli Briskman is when Kelly said the saga of flipping off President Donald Trump’s motorcade spoke “uniquely to what America’s all about”…Huh? Would Megyn Kelly be saying the same thing if the tables were turned and Obama was flipped off? What’s so amazing and American about behaving like a spoiled child? The left has been showing their true colors since Trump won a year ago. It’s disturbing when this woman is praised for her lewd and immature behavior. Grow up already! Between this and the extreme bitterness of the Clinton Grifters, it’s just loserville at the DNC…

A photograph of Juli Briskman flipping off Trump’s motorcade last month in Virginia as she rode her bicycle went viral, particularly among people frustrated with Trump’s administration. However, after she posted it to her social media accounts, she was forced to resign from her job at Akima LLC.


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Briskman recounted why she decided to flip off Trump to Kelly, saying it felt ‘great’…


“To me, it speaks uniquely to what America’s all about. You can do that,” Kelly said. “That’s the beauty of a free society. Whether you love President Trump or hate him, you are allowed to tell the president how you feel about him, whether it’s President Obama or President Trump. That’s one of our core ideals.”


This woman is definitely getting her 15 minutes of fame. She appeared on  MSNBC on Wednesday to discuss why she gave Trump the finger, calling it a “spur-of-the-moment decision.”

“Lots of things were going through my mind about how disappointed I am with this administration,” she said. “I didn’t really have any other way to express my opinion to Mr. Trump, and so the finger was what I had at the time.”



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