President Trump and Megyn Kelly have quite a history….

Many of you remember the infamous debate moderated by Kelly in 2015 and the equally infamous answer by Trump to Kelly’s question.

Remember this?

What an incredible moment.

“Only Rosie O’Donnell”

That moment went viral, but it caused a rift between these two that has led to a terse relationship over the years.

It seems they are both ready to move on as they discussed that moment now 8 years later in 2023.

Watch here:

And now let me give you the full interview.


Here is President Donald Trump sitting down with Megyn Kelly for well over an hour.

Compelling interview.

Watch here:

Kelly praised President Trump after the interview.

Watch here:

Reaction from StormHasArrived:

People need to hear more of this! 

After her big interview with DJT, Megyn Kelly praises him for having the courage to sit down with her & face tough questions. 

“I give him a ton of credit. Could Joe Biden have done that? Could he have done 5 minutes of that?… He couldn’t! And he wouldn’t! And where is the mainstream journalists who would even ask him tough questions. Where are they?! 

President Trump didn’t expect me to go easy on him… and yet he came and gave me more time than he had originally agreed to.” 

It’s a rare occasion that DJT gets the credit he deserves, especially from someone like MK, but the tides are turning. People are waking up and we need more honest journalists to speak the truth and give credit where it is due.

This one made me laugh….

From the inimitable ilDonaldo:

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

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