Melania Trump’s home country of Slovenia has gone bonkers for our new First Lady. Tourism is way up and everywhere you turn you see products with Melania’s name on them…

A TINY country in central Europe has become an unexpected beneficiary of the Trumps’ rise to the White House.

Slovenia – where Melania Trump was born and raised – is experiencing a massive tourism boom spurred by American tourists keen to check out their new first lady’s homeland.

There’s been a 10 per cent spike in the number of US travelers booking overnight stays in Slovenia in 2016 compared to the previous year, the Slovene statistics bureau said yesterday.

And Slovenia is not shy about taking advantage of Mrs Trump’s time in the spotlight, with the country’s official website now featuring the tagline “the homeland of the new First Lady of the United States of America!”.

Guided tours have sprung up to take tourists to sites associated with Mrs Trump’s early life, including her childhood homes in Sevnica, her former high school and places she worked during her 20s as her modelling career was taking off, the New York Post reports.
Melania-mania has taken hold in Sevnica, a small town in the foothills of the Slovene Alps with a population of only 5000.

Slovenia’s Sevnica Castle — yup, a real-life castle — is now hawking fancy products that are clearly trying to profit off Melania, because the brand is called First Lady.
Some of the goods they’re selling include salamis, chocolates, beauty creams and, of course, vino … the latter of which sells for around $30 a bottle. The first 300 sold out in 3 days.
Melania isn’t officially tied to the First Lady campaign, and has reportedly hired Slovenian lawyers to stop the exploitation of her title — but the castle’s steward told Decanter he wasn’t ashamed to offer it because the products were “good” and “the best.”

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