Did you see Melania Trump’s speech? There’s a big fuss about a few lines that are similar to Michelle Obama’s speech in 2008 and the left is in a tailspin over it. How ironic that Hillary Clinton’s husband is a serial sex offender but all you hear about tonight is possible plagiarism from Melania Trump.

The Republicans are giving rave reviews but the left used words like “pathetic” to describe the speech. The liberal rag SLATE actually had a title that read: “Melania Trump’s Pathetic RNC Speech”. The vitriol and hateful rhetoric coming from the left is no surprise but why go after Melania Trump? Do they expect her to spout off some governmental policy or something? Delivering a heartfelt speech isn’t easy and she did just that. Perhaps she could give Hillary a lesson or two on how not to sound like a cold robot while delivering a speech…

Honestly, can you imagine being up on that huge stage at the RNC addressing the millions listening to your every word? Melania Trump didn’t ask for this but has handled campaign life with much grace. There’s no complaint but glowing reviews about her speech  from the people who really matter. Let’s just say that she was more than we’d hoped for in every way.


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