The FBI just arrested two men who have allegedly been planning what they call ‘Netflix-worthy’ ISIS-inspired attacks on the White House and Trump Tower. The men were messaging in an encrypted chat room. If convicted, the men could face 20 years in prison.

Jaylyn Christopher Molina aka “Abdur Rahim” of San Antonio, Texas, and Kristopher Sean Matthews, 34, aka “Ali Jebreel” from Eglin, South Carolina allegedly shared ISIS propaganda videos and plotted ISIS-style attacks on US soil they said ‘could be Netflix worthy.’

One post in a chat room from Molina said:  “You are my enemy (America) and never will I wear your flag…but I will raise the black flag of Allah!” 

The men also discussed traveling overseas to join ISIS.

They face a charge of conspiracy to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization.

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Fox News reports that Matthews began the plot and in April Molina began communicating with Matthews about attacks saying ‘we need to stick together, we need to defeat them, we need to take a lot of casualties.’

Matthews allegedly wanted to attack government buildings, including CIA headquarters, the FBI and DEA headquarters. They also discussed an attack on the White House, Trump Tower and the New York Stock Exchange.



Do these men deserve more punishment for planning terror attacks or is 20 years enough?

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