A mental health expert is defending the actions of a 6’6″ seventeen-year-old student who attacked his teacher’s aide on Tuesday. The teen weighs 270 pounds and had to be pulled off of the unconscious woman. The aide took a device away from him, leading the young man to launch a brutal attack. The woman was thrown in the air and then kicked and punched in the back and neck.

Yet, despite his brutality, he is being defended. Mental health expert Sue Urban, whose son went to school with the teen, claims the attack is not his fault. ‘This is not this child’s fault. He is not a threat. This is a mental health issue. This is a problem with our system; it is broken.” Urban took to Facebook live to post her emotional video.

Videos showing what took place have been posted on Twitter following the incident.

“He’s not a threat.” A teacher at Matanzas High School in Florida was brutally attacked by a 6’6″ 270 lbs 17-year-old student because she took his Nintendo Switch away from him. Now, ‘mental health advocates’ are defending the student.”


“That child should not have been transported to jail. He should have been transported to a mental health facility,’ she said, speaking on Facebook Live. Please stop labeling this child as a monster. Yes, his size is a big factor, [but] he did not know he was doing wrong. These kids are given extra attention in those classes. They are given leeway to have these devices, so when they do lose their tempers or if they do get into that mental space, that they can have those Switches or phones or their comfort devices, [so] that they can calm down.”

Urban opted to become a mental health expert after her stepson, who struggled with similar issues and was schooled in the behavioral wing of school with the 17-year-old attacker, ended up committing suicide after graduation. She defended the young man saying he was her stepson’s friend and that people needed to be educated, ‘This is not just a thug. People need to be educated on children that have ESE [Exceptional Student Education]. They should also be educated on impulsive aggression behavior, and that most times these children do not understand the consequences of the behavior.”

According to Daily Mail, the young man lives in a group home. Urban insists he is innocent and that the teachers should have done things differently,

“That child has mental health issues. He is just that, a child.” She continued,

‘That teacher – that paraprofessional – should have never been left alone in a situation where she could have been attacked.’

The teen is currently in the custody of the Juvenile Justice Department and could face a prison term of up to five years for the attack.

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