On Sunday night, Meryl Streep put on one of the most embarrassing performances of her career. She stood in front of a crowd of mostly like-minded, bullying, commie Hollywood actors and instead of gracefully accepting her Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes award ceremony, she chose instead, to make and unfounded accusation about Donald Trump mocking a disabled reporter during his campaign.

Streep’s shameful attempt to paint Trump as a heartless human being to Golden Globe Award viewers can be found near the middle of this clip:

Meryl probably missed the episode of the Tonight Show in 2009 while Obama was President when he actually DID mock special needs kids. Watch him as he compares his low bowling scores to those of kids who participate in the Special Olympics:

Now watch the video that proves Meryl Streep was fabricating (acting) her story out without real evidence that Donald Trump  mocked a disabled reporter:

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Here’s a sweet video of disabled children participating in a  Special Olympics bowling tournament. As you can see, it’s more inspiring than funny.

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