Conservative Candace Owens slammed the Guardian over a story that accused her of defending neo-Nazis (see below).

The Turning Point USA communications director called out the publication and announced that she is taking a stand against media smear campaigns.

At the 2:20 point, Owens speaks about the dear tactics of the lefty media…Great commentary!

Owens tweeted back to The Guardian slamming them for claiming she supports neo-Nazis. She’s leading the way in taking a stand against the left’s effort to smear her. This is their tactic with anyone they want to destroy. They obviously see her as a threat because she’s speaking out against them.

BPR reports:

“I’m definitely going on the offense when we talk about smear and libelous claims suggesting that because I support my president I also defend Nazis or I promote white supremacy,” Owens told Neil Cavuto on “Cavuto: Coast-to-Coast” on Friday.

“I think for far too long conservatives have allowed this to go on. We have seen reputations ruined with these sorts of smears,” she said. “When you Google someone’s name and they have these harsh words and terms next to them and that’s what they are trying to do. They are trying to use fear tactics and I think it’s high-time we punch back.”

The pro-Trump political commentator didn’t just talk the talk, as she came out fighting when the Guardian published a piece this week writing:  “Owens was thrust into the spotlight after defending neo-Nazis and calling police killings of black men trivial on TMZ with Kanye West.”

“When did I ever ‘defend neo-nazis’?” Owens fired at the Guardian and writer, Jamiles Lartey.

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